idk thizzed out cant sleep

Discussion in 'General' started by diggityDANK, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. i havent been able to smoke in 5 months and im not trying ot anymore really i tried thizz 3 times now and it just gets better and better but tonight i should not have thizzed cause there was a huge chase at the park that we dipped out of like 5 minutes before all the cops and helicopters showed up it was scary but didnt kill my roll but idk what do you guys think about thizz it was definatly worth it for me
  2. Thizz iz what it iz, mayne. My all time favorite drug, I'd take it daily if it would be possible to roll hard everytime and not fuck my mind up worse than it is...

    The pills I get are gaurenteed to get you fuckin Dummy Smacked. No bunk rolls commin my way, so I dont have any complaints bout thizzles.

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