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idk probably a stupid question?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigmac450, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. my cousin bought weed last week and i saw it. there were a buncha seedz in the baggie and i wanted to know if like.. you could plant them? like will they grow into plant?:confused:

    probably a stupid question>.<
  2. whats marijuana and what do these seeds look like:devious:
  3. lol yes those seeds will grow into a marijuana plant if properly grown.
  4. yeah, you can. but you really got to tend them like a lot. you gotta make sure the temp is good, pH is good, erything.
  5. dude they might grow.
    put probably not.

    if the weed has seeds in it thats not a good thing,
    so it couldve been bricked at some point
    or its like really dry outdoor shit

    and so yeah the seeds could be like .. fucked up

    like me

  6. fucked up like damaged?
  7. Yea. If what you're buying has a lot of seeds, there is a good chance it's not the freshest in the world, and after a while that ruins the seeds' viability. If you want to try, put them in a damp paper towel for a day or two and see if anything sprouts.
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    I planted my first bag seed when I was 14. Turned out to be a male :mad: but it gave me lots of growing experience. I would buy some seeds from a seedbank if you're buying equipment and growing seriously. Spending $5-10 on quality seeds makes a huge difference. Growing some bag seed in a good growroom is dumb.

    This thread inspired me to post about my first grow
  9. Kamikazikillah: Your sig says "cancer is worth it". You know you won't get cancer from smoking weed, right?

  10. 1. He's talking about cigarettes.

    2. He's making a joke. By saying something so outrageous, he's showing how outrageous the original claim was.


    Fuck my job. I need to get laid tonight.
  11. the problem is growing weed takes alot of work. Theoretically, yes, but for now, learn more about it, and enjoy it. I've promised myself that I will grow in my life, but for now I like to smoke it not grow it.
  12. yea you can its a batter idea to start with bag seed anyhow.

  13. actually its really not that hard to grow, outdoors that is, its actually pretty simple

    but if you want dank buds than yes it'll take a lot of care and great conditions (outside)
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    Na. It's easier than you think. It grows as easy as a house plant if you want it to. It's a "weed" and grows very hardy in the wild almost in every climate. Even as far north as Alaska and Siberia.

    A light is recommended if you grow in times of short daylight though. You don't want the plant flowering too early and being as small as a 'weed'. If you get the males out in time, you get much better buds. Except for that, it's just water and wait.

    My mom would water the plant I posted about in this thread when I was away. It was a 'science project'.:D

    You don't need much to grow except a private place that people won't smell. A single female plant would stink up my whole floor.
  15. i always get this tyrone biggums throat itch the second day after i shave. . .
  16. So do I...what does that have to do with this thread?

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