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idk just some shit thats fucked up

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by legalize_ganja, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. wow thats some fucked up shit..
  2. fuck that. this shit makes me sick. the games fucked up these days, if your going to rob someone why fucking kill them after. this next blunt goes to those dudes,
  3. yeah over some money and what. idk what went down but it sounds like something that didnt even have to happen. atleast they arrested the people who did it (i think). that was fuckin fast... im pretty sure it only happened earily this morning.
  4. yeah exactly, the way they say it doesnt even sound like they told em to give em money sounds like they just came up and blasted on em. try to kill and fail even though they were both shot in the head. That really sucks for the guy whos left brain dead though :(
  5. i dont carry a gun, and obviously if guns were harder to get this might not have happened... but sometimes i contemplate getting my concealed carry just bc of shit like this. if one of them was strapped they mightve had a chance.. idk.
  6. GUNS.....worlds worst invention EVER:(
  7. DEFFINATLEY. i have an article from last year about... hi point hand guns that are made in mansfield ohio, and like $100 for a gun, and supposedly really easy to get your hands on. and they said like idk 50% of illegal guns seized were hi points or some "staggering" number. i would deffinatley get a concealed carry permit. My cousin is cause hes a security guard. deffinatley, in other situations you would have a chance. idk how THIS went down but they said execution style so they probably wouldnt have had time to think twice.
  8. the article said they were spotted at atm machines, maybe 2 different ones. they didnt just walk up and shoot them in the face. it was a robbery then a murder.

  9. Uh... maybe the most misused invention ever. Before guns people killed by many other means, ones which continue to be used. Responsible gun use is the best defense because it rapidly levels the playing field, truly unlike anything else.

  10. What he said. If we never thought of guns, you'd be saying that swords were the worst invention EVER, right now.

    Personally, I'd rather be shot through the head than stabbed or sliced. It'd be alot more painful being killed with a sword, even if they tried to cut off your head first.
  11. happens every day, whats the big deal? yeah, sucks for them. buy a gun & don't die..

    think about how many people had their heads and limbs cut off today in shitty little countries all around. i'd rather be shot in the face point blank than beheaded, or have my arms and legs cut off. shit, people get beheaded right over in mexico and you're worried about gettin' shot? ha. i'd shoot my self before i'd get cut to all shit..

    i only skimmed the story, but wtf.. sounds like i could link a couple real vids of worse killings...
  12. damn that shit just makes me fucking angry. Like wtf execution style just for robbing these guys? and how the fuck did the only living victim have bullet fragments in his brain?????? shits fcked:mad:
  13. Everytime i hear something like this i put myself in the victims shoes, Like your out enjoying a drink with your co-workers and someone takes your life. Fuck that if someone robbed our store and threatened my co workers life id take a mother fucker down, He would get a shot off but id make sure he got taken down. Im really close to alot of my co-workers and if anyone is ready to kill someone for some money, well he better be ready to duke it out with 5-6 other dudes in the store, Cause believe me we would jump him and beat his ass with his own gun.
  14. happens every day, that IS the big deal.
    idk how frequently people get dismembered but that shits fucked up too. In mexico thats cause the fuckin drug lords and shit, not just randomly for money. Im not worried about getting shot. lol.

    deffinatley. guns are a great thing to have for defence, but when what ever your defending against has em to, it just makes everything very distructive. or lethal is more like it.

    deffinatley. sure its some random person you dont know or probably care about but you know if that happened to you or anyone you know youd be fucking mad.

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