idk even know what to think of this...

Discussion in 'General' started by King_Chronic420, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. so i was smoking a black and mild wine yesterday my buddy and I went for a drive my buddy who has never smoked anything else but weed asked me to take a hit so he takes a hit a few minutes later he puts on this shit wide grin on his face and his eyes were all red so he looks at me and asks me "do black and milds get you high?"

    i said "uhh no they're just cigars"

    anyways he still swears that it got him high lol

    do you guys think he was bullshitting? or do black and milds really give you some kind of high?
  2. You can get a 'nicotene' high off it.

    I smoke blacks daily.

    I do not get high off them.
  3. yea it's that nicotine buzz, he doesnt smoke ciggerates so it would be understandable to get light headed and what not.
  4. Ehh, yeah when you first start smoking tobacco you can get a "buzz" from it. For me it almost feels like being a little tipsy.
  5. yeah, just in case you missed the three posts above me thats a nicotine high.

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