idk about you, but i find this sweeeeeeet.

Discussion in 'General' started by SativaLovee, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Yes, you certainly aren't trolls.
  2. Jesus christ. 9 pages...
  3. oh damn you guys don't talk liek them stereotypical nj peepz.

    hah ajk, i guess i'm just being a retard. but good shit. and oh yeah congrats yo

  4. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, not gonna say anything but I wouldn't say so.
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    I hate to agree with Paris Hilton....


    And this is why I know its true
  6. Thats funny because just now someone posted a pic in "Dare to post your pic" that was one of those pics. Sooooo one of you are lying
  7. They're twins man. SativaLove and noemid are sisters.

  8. Ohhhh i get it, damn thats chill actually. Congrats on winning your contest
  9. Did someone say twins???

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  10. BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHA!!! thts awesomeee!! omfgg haha.
    i love tht pic. annd who heard correcctt
  11. actually we both posted up our pics on there lastnight soo no ones lying.
    my sister is sativalove. were twins. why the f is it so hard to believe that were twins?! i dont understandd.
  12. some people just dont want to believe the fact that were honest people and not lying!

    but damnn, 9 pages! hahaha i cant believe this thread lasted this long and i'm definitely not done posting up pictures, I need some of us rippin the bong.. damnnn!
  13. Everything on the internet has to be questioned. Every experience you share always gets a 'cool story bro'. Everything you say has a great potential to be debated by idiots or otherwise. None of you forum people are even real anyways you're the internet.
  14. well obviously your the internet too...
  15. why wouldn't you let this thread die?
  16. If you want a thread to die, just stop posting in it...shit!

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