idk about you, but i find this sweeeeeeet.

Discussion in 'General' started by SativaLovee, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. If you were an actual 4channer, you'd appreciate my post.

    And, I still think that OP and noemid are the same person. Noemid posted fifteen minutes after her sister's post. And, then OP gets back on? C'mon...

    Not trying to be a dick, OP. Just callin' out newfags as I see 'em.
  2. cant two sisters have an account each on here? and cant we both have our own laptops?
    no offense dude, but your pretty pathetic to assume all these things..
    but thats my opinion.

  3. Hey, I calls 'em hows I sees 'em.
  4. Actually being twins and looking alike is not crazy at all.
  5. fair enough. hey its your opinion haha everyone doesn't think the same thing.
  6. everyone in this thread just needs to sit back and smoke a fat blunt to the domeee
    if you prefer glass just rip your bong til you cant move

    anyways congrats girls:hello:

    and now im off for the second choice:smoking:

    my sis just got home with a fat joint soo here we goo :]] thought tonight was gunna suck.. i was wronggg ! :]]]]]]
  8. you both seem cool as shit, what part of jersey you all from? i spent high school in hunterdon county (blah)
  9. yeah no offence but me and my sister have an account on here and this thread is from both of us so is it so bad that we both come on here and tlk? anywayss. yeahh. i rolled a phatty for me n my sis n were bout to blazee up. so people who read this thread just need to chill.
  10. GGdub is so 2005.

    Just throwing that out there.
  11. enjoy that J i def enjoyed my bong lol :bongin:
  12. Okay, troll. I challenge you...:devious:

    This one test and I'll leave it alone.

    Post another picture of you and your sister standing beside each other with a timestamp. If you are what you say you are, you wouldn't have any problem agreeing to this very simple request.

    If you do this I will sincerely appologize to you and your sister and I will be forever nice to you in the future.:eek:
  13. Noooooo, timestamps are invading GC
  14. HAHAHAH!! Alright Rock4Light, i will take you on that challenge! i'll even smoke a J in the pic with her! hahaha, how about a video as well ey?

    hahaha and dont worry, you dont have to apologize to us, hahaha but a chill friend on GC would be sweeeet :]
  15. If I wanna see some attention whoring, I'll watch mtv..
  16. so go watch it.
  17. It is sweet. Good job!
  18. you might wanna start tht apologizing cause now my sis is taking forever doing her makeup just to make this video for youu. soooo!... be prepared to lose this challenge.:devious:;)
  19. we are more near Pa, actually were only like 15 minutes away from PA haha.

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