idk about you, but i find this sweeeeeeet.

Discussion in 'General' started by SativaLovee, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. which one are you, you're both beautiful.
  2. You both look mad young...
  3. this ftw
    16 tops
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    Well congrats on the pic and bein chosen by the site or sumthin. You are hot btw which ever one you are lol. I didnt wanna be like everyone else and say it but i couldnt help it
  5. *

    thoughts of gc



    id fuck her



  6. Lol it never fails...a mildly attractive girl posts a pic, and 50 guys jump up to say shes hot. Well....


    ...or are you?
  7. i bet you gotta be 18 to qualify for something like that. I could be wrong, but thats my guess.:smoke:
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    Exactly dude.Lets not kid ourselves, most girls know when they put something or even speak on the internet their gonna get their leg humped by a bunch of dudes. Its like if I was to walk into a girls fat camp dressed as a cake you know I will get the slightest attention. whatever its all good. I dont think it was and actual legit competition just a little thing they had and she won. Congrats SativaLovee & will you marry me ;)
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA! sooooo funny!
    my sister and I are both 18 since we're twins haha.. Im the one in the gray tank top and my sister is the one in the blue shirt.. yeah we do look like each other its pretty crazy haha.
  10. hahaha i like tht pic with the asians.
    and yeah, my sister wasnt just putting this pic up and post up for her.
    were normally the ones to hide out from getting attention and are pretty shy but she was prob baked when she found out and told me and made this thread.
    "attention whore" is a little to harsh but cant judge on your opinion.
    and honestly i got pretty fuckin excited when my sister told me. we've been wanting to be picked by girls gone weed for so long! and to be twins and get it together is sweeeeet as fuck to mee.:smoke:
  11. [​IMG]

    President Barack Obama approves.
  12. lol, Americas next pot model?
  13. SativaLovee and noemid is samefag.

    And, OP, your sister is hotter than you are.

    Also, troll is made of troll and fail.
  14. congrats,both of you are very pretty.
  15. So... you wanna get naked and start the revolution?
  16. OP if I pay for everything will you move in with me and marry me? I should have a degree in a year. Do you like HDTV's? I'll have a huge one. We can smoke the dankest of buds and watch Blu rays.
  17. why is everyone being a dick to this girl,whats wrong with sharing a accomplishment to fellow blades.
  18. ooh yeah a stoner girl
    ooh yeah
    AH AH AH
  19. I don't know, I guess it's cool to jump on the be-a-dick-for-no-reason bandwagon.

    I mean if I won "bros and buds" or whatever the male equivalent of this would be, I would share it with GC. Only I don't think I'd be getting any marriage proposals.

  20. lol:eek:

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