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idk about this pickup.. u tell me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. idk.. it doesnt smell very strong. I see those long orange hairs but idk. it just doesnt seem right. i paid 10 for it.

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  2. I'd smoke it.

  3. It looks alright, but you might want to take a picture next to a lighter for a size comparison.
  4. that looks like some old school grass
  5. Quality looks alright. Just looks like your guy pulled the buds apart, and did a poor job. I wouldn't have paid more than 5 for the quantity however.
  6. That seems like some hydroponically grown marijuana right there. :devious:

  7. ^ This.
    The grower who im assuming is your dealer, must have ripped them apart. Tell him he needs to be gentle :smoke:
  8. Looks sativa, and semi dankish idk. You might be surprised who knows. do tell.......
  9. i was planning on putting it into a firecracker, but since it might be a sativa im just gonna smoke it and experience what hopefully will b my first "head" high
  10. Ill tell you this, im about 90% sure you got ripped off about a .3-.4, but for $10 who cares thats only a gram

  11. how can you tell?:confused:
  12. nah dont take my word for fact. it just appears to resemble some of the kind of buds i had that were sativa but its only a picture and does look kinda broken apart. Good idea to smoke it because what if you messe the firecracker up that would suck...
  13. looks like marijuana to me.
  14. It looks like a small G, but not quite half of it is missing
  15. I'd be very disappointed if that's all $10 bought me. But that's just my snobby opinion. :eek:

    Edit: But fuck, it's certainly smokeable, smoke that shit up.
  16. The thing is your really cant tell by a picture how much is there.It looks about like a gram though.It looks like it could be some dank smoke it and find out:smoke:
  17. that weed looks nice but i don't think its a gram.maybe a .7 it's hard to tell from a picture

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