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idiot sone of an asshole

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Digit, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. he takes a nap then its nap time then time for bed. :D


    hey... where did that nomad "e" come from.. i never typed that. must have e on the brain.
    ya really gotta play it LOUD.
    when i found it i played it over and over and over.
    ... then a message hits home a little harder when you look at the other ones.
  2. heehee... thats great.......

    i wand to quote loads of those lines, but i dont want to spoil them for other people....

    ... ok... only one.....

    "bullshit" hehehehe.

    there, that doesnt give anything away :D

    Leeds fest 2002. Got NAILED- then went and saw NOFX and laughed my ass off for however long it was. Man... memories...
  4. fuck having no sound.. but i still liked it, i like that part bout like hes not smart enough, to eat a pretzal or something.. :D
  5. you are missing out on SO much shoota. ya really gotta hear it loud. ... it even got me head banging! lol
  6. haha, that was good, reminds me of a flash my friend made, but it used the song Asshole by denis leary
  7. hhaha thats some funny shit
  8. lol "Can he read? No one really knows " lol hes holding the book upside down looking at the other kids book rofl what a dumb ass...
  9. LMAO!! Jammin tune! Only one word can describe that,


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