Idiot says the high feeling you get when you smoke is your brain cells dieing

Discussion in 'General' started by Buttas, May 6, 2011.

  1. She said she wouldnt do it because its illegal and then this " you know the high feeling you get when you do it, that's your brain cells dieing."

    I cant explain it to her how thc works as good as some people on here so please explain it and what tch does
  2. google and yahoo answers are your best friends when it comes to this
  3. why bother explaning it to this person
  4. Naw..the cells are having a nice dream sleeping.
  5. this was gonna be my answer. if she's that misinformed and doesn't care then who gives a flying fuck about trying to convince her otherwise.
  6. The way I understand it is that THC makes your brain cells slow down and not work as efficiently while high. But when your sober again, your brain cells return to full capacity and start working normal if not better than before.
  7. basically the thc goes to your brain, and fits into a specially made place, like a jig saw, and it alters how messages are relayed between nerve cells. in a normal nerve cell a message is propagated into a cleft (space between two) and then read on the other end, then further propgated to the next. with thc present it causes a backwards release of a neurotransmitter back into the cleft which is read at the opposite end called the pre synaptic membrane. this cause the 'high.' then this chemical is broken down and you are back to normal
  8. well,i think i might just go inhale some gas now

    i got that supreme 93 baby, nonea that schwag ass 88 all you bustas is breathin on;)
  9. Ask her what she thinks alcohol does to your brain cells.
  10. That's why having a stroke is the ultimate high.
  11. we're not huffing nitrous oxide

    stupid bitch
  12. So whenever your brain cells die, you get high!?! Awesome! Did you know barely touching your head will kill some brain cells? But we have so many brain cells that it doesn't matter. It's not even the weed itself killing it, it's the smoke from it being burnt. On the other hand, vapor is completely harmless. That's why you bring in the vaporizer topic to the clueless narrow-minded girl.
  13. lol thats DUST-OFF, sweety.
    gross shit

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