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  1. so my friend who is ok i dont chill w/ him that much or anything but hes tight asked me to pick him up some bud so i did ($30 worth) and so i also had some purple left from a pickup i got so i was like hey dude i could roll you a blunt with ur weed and trade u some of ur shit for some purp i have and so hes like ok dude thats tight i cant roll for shit and i love i roll the blunt and pack like a dub in there right and then give him some purp and i roll a J for myself w/ what is left of the green. well i meet up w/ him and give him everything and hes like uhhh this isnt 30 worth im like wtf dude i rolled that blunt so tight and fat and gave u that purple and i weighed it and its straight and so hes like uhhh ok fine

    1 hour later: he calls me and is like "fuck dude wtf is this shit were all getting sick" im like wtf i donno i just smoked it and im fine and hes like all coughing and shit and hes like i threw up blah blah blah so i get hella worried i dont want my friend to get fucked up and so i like clal back and am like dude u okay man and the fucking guy goes "o ya dude were good srry i just took huge hits and inhaled them immediately im like omfg i hate you i was all worried and about to come find him and help him out but all this happened cuz hes such a fucking pussy smoker and cant handle a blunt....god damn and i was high at the time so i hella freaked out
  2. I chief alot, so much that my friends call me Chief Chiefalot but when I smoke blunts I get unbelivably fucked up. I don't know what it is but it does it to me.

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