IDF Speaking Up Against Israeli Defense Force Treats Palestinians Not As Human Beings, Arrests of Young Children

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ReturnFire333, Oct 23, 2014.

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  2. Bout time

    Israel really needs someone to keep them in ccheck. They've gone blind with power

    Next thing we know Israel will be at war with the entire middle earth

    O wait

    good luck, they have been at war so long they have their own defense sector making leaps and bounds that make America jealous.
    Who funds them.
    Still jealous.  :laughing:
  6. They came up with this.

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    America funds Israel? And gets what in return? (Or maybe you think it's all free...)

    America pays for great minds, ideas and technology that they cant get on their own.
    Yeah, ok.
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  10. What do you think of the OP Tom ?

    Lies ?

    Sent from the back of a jihadist donkey...
  11. *Yawn* something that most do not care about anymore. Just another day in a insane area of the world. Time to change the channel to watch Pawn Stars.
  12. Not not lies. This is war in daily basis.
    Not surprising old news from the "left" in Israel.

    I could show you 1000000 opinions that speak exactly the opposite from him.
    How can you speak the opposite... one of the sides would have to be lying... and the documentation is obviously in favor of Israels tyranny.
  14. O wait, middle earth is already at war with Israel, the West, each other, and everyone else. The problem isn't with Israel or the Palestinians, the problem is with Islam. You can't blame Israel for Boko Haram or the dozens of Islamic terror groups around the world.  If the Palestinians were Christians or Buddhists there wouldn't be an Israeli-Palestinian conflict and most of us would have never heard of Gaza.
  15. soon religion wont matter.

    We willhave waring factions of atheists fighting over capitalism versus communism

  16. Middle Earth?
    Are you sure?
    It's will take several generations after the last followers of religion die out for religion not to 'matter' and I don't think that will ever happen. Humans have a natural desire to fill in the unknown.
  18. It was aa typo

    But an awsome one

    But who is in the right - the Allied Atheist Alliance or the United Atheist Alliance?
  20. Oh.  I thought you did it on purpose and I liked it enough to keep it.  I agree, kinda awesome.

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