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ideopathic angioedema?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Life Effect, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Anyone else?

    I got my card because my specialist and I thought it was helping the sporadic swelling of my eyes, lips, feet, fingers, stomach, lungs, etc.... but now I'm not so sure. I started smoking pretty well every day while my boyfriend was going through chemo and I noticed that I hadn't been swelling (normally happened like... 4-7 times a month.) But in this past month I've swelled up twice and my smoking habits haven't changed.

    sighh. any input?
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    It may be that its fall. If your disease has any allergy component it may be worse this time of year. Weather changes (heat/cold) could also be a factor-have you been through a full year of MMJ use or is this your first year? (prehaps fall is going to be a difficult time no matter how you medicate?:confused:) Have you been taking any other medications, changed your diet, had unusual stress? Are you being careful to make sure you're not getting weed which has mold or fertilizer issues? Have you recently changed the strain you're using?
    Studies show that MMJ does work due to its anti-inflamatory effects-it just may be like every other medication for your disease, it may not work perfectly all the time for you. Your disease is very difficult to manage. But you know that already.
    I'm glad you got a some relief at least, hopefully this is just a bad patch and will resolve.

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