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  1. Oh please, you flatter me.

    Well that's the thing, the surface government doesn't have the power, unless it is given the power by and through the shadow government. The shadow government can pull strings, and take steps and measures to complete its goals, but it would need a revolution before it can succeed.

  2. The people give the government power bro thats what I was trying to point out
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  4. Oh shut up I swear if the bible didn't exist you wouldnt know what to do with your life
  5. Hell, I would believe you were the president of USA if you told me that.


    I would believe anything anyone say as long as they do it properly...

  6. True but the gain in this case does not require that
  7. What's 'the gain'?
  8. How keeping it real pays off....and doesn't
  9. You mean the benefits and loss of keeping it real, right?

  10. Yep and there's been stout definitions in this thread so far
  11. How can the people give the government power, when elections are always rigged? It's only an illusion of power, the governments do things behind our backs, and we never make a direct choice on it. Even as far as corporations having too much of a hand in the elections and rigging the shit.

  12. How are the elections rigged? How do the people stay disillusioned? Is it the fault of the government or the people?
  13. It's probably different in every country, but this is how they do it here. (Pls don't ask me to mention the name of the country.)

    - The politicians send out their goons to villages, and hand out cash to voters.

    Simple, aye?
  14. Some chingadera, where they hack the voting machines, i forgot the process, i just know it's fucked up. People stay disillusioned because they lack information and lack the hope for anything else. The people can't help it, their balls have been taken away. So it has to be the governments fault.

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