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  1. Help me find it.
  2. Help yourself bum. Food is all over the place but I'm not gonna force feed you if you don't want to eat. I'm about fact not fiction
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    what are the facts, as you see them?

    or will you simply give us another non-answer?

    i am tired of this. i am not above or below what must happen next.
    let us suppose you are my superior:
    what is the first lesson i must learn from you?

  4. See? You're intimidated by me for no reason I don't even place myself as superior to anyone I'm just me. Just keep it real man kut the bullshit and all this wont be necessary
  5. I try so hard but I cannot show you how much I want to learn from you.

    It's disappointing.

    I even placed myself at your feet, and you will still not talk to me.

  6. You don't. In your realm you're teacher and pupil
  7. I don't have an overwhelming voice, such as yours. I try to understand the reality I live in by experience. I feel like you want to correct that, but you are too lazy to actually do it.

    One thing I don't do is post as if I know the answer.

  8. What you don't see is that you almost require people to submit to you when presenting ideas like we're begging you to hear us out man. Get over yourself
  9. i might ask about your beliefs and you would tell me to get over myself.

    is that about right?
  10. Obvious distraction is distraction. Maybe actually listen to what I have to say and you can derive a conclusion from that
  11. Alright.

    Let us stay on one point. You choose it. Do not be deceptive.

    I suggest: the weakest position I have held here.

    Take my Achilles heel and force me to defend the worst thing I've said. Let's see if we can make an interesting discussion out of it.
  12. Don't feel like it
  13. Come on, humiliate me!

    Or don't you think you can?
  14. You guys didn't use foul language once!

    I find it incredibly commendable.
  15. I'm not that kind of person find someone else to kick you in the nuts. I hear you can pay people for that sort of thing
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    :whatever i wrote here is a testament to how much pot i don't smoke:
  17. I'd do it for $20 but yo'd have to pay me first. Kick you in the nuts I mean
  18. Sushi chefs taught me incredible patience :D
  19. Well done!

    If I were either one of you, I would have sprayed the page with F's... :smoke:

  20. Nah its not necessary I have nothing against Postal Blowfish but you gotta keep it real g I mean if you wanna know someone wouldn't you want to to see how they act and see what they see instead of someone telling you? Would you accept that I was a Formula 1 driver if I told you that (I actually am)?

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