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    I have been doing some serous soul searching lately there are a lot of things going on in my life and one question i kept on thinking was who am i? who do i see myself as and what do others see me as.

    I'm not the most handsome bloke around but I'm not overly that ugly and i perceive my self as a peaceful loving person and some see me as that but still some people do not see it and insist on disliking me.

    i don't see this as "dislike" per say i believe it is misandistanding and a complete non understanding of there real personal identity or image. if someone see's someone they don't understand and someone that does not fit in with there human nature expectations and they don't really understand there own true identity or have the illusion of understanding they will naturally dislike what they see.

    what i am trying to get at is everyone has this illusion or perception of them selves and others but we are all really lost in this illusion we call life, who are we? who am i? what are we?

    i think marijuana has helped me to find out a bit more about my true self and i can understand better how other people see me

    but i am still lost and searching for answers.

    I think we all are

    please give me your thoughts on what i just wrote i hope you understand it and sorry about the mistakes i am really stoned?????
  2. An intelligent man understands how much he knows, a wise man understands that he knows nothing.

    Basically, we're always searching for something our whole lives. Whether it's your self-identity (of which many do not find), your calling in life, or just some sort of inner peace with yourself. Don't think of it as lost, merely off the beaten path.
  3. This is an excellent unfolding in your life thats happening

    Who am i? is the most wise question a being can ask

    Most beings completely caught in the illusion only ask questions about objects, whats that? why? when? how? very few ask - Who?

    Every being thats woken up to the truth of the Self & existence has looked at - Who?

    At first it may confuse you, as you can't find yourself when you ask this question, its exposing the false identity your Self has held for so long with so many objects

    The true Self has no definition, its unbound & limitless, infinite life, its not an object

    You Are That

  4. well i went through that phase too, just came out of it the other day i guess.

    i firgured out through smoking with differnet people that everyone has differnet perceptions on everything. its all influenced by past expierinces and how you've grown up.

    as far as how people precieve you vs. how you see yourself, i think it's easy to show people who you really are as long as you be yourself all the time.

    if your happy, be happy
    if your pissed, be pissed.

    for a while i tried to be "happy" all the time, like at work i would try to be nice to everyone. it doesnt fuckin work unless your truely happy all the time. basicly go with your gut as far as talkin to people, i noticed when i tried to impress someone i wouldnt talk as much because i would try and choose my words. just say whats on your mind, who gives a fuck somone will agree with ya.

    idk throughout school i tried to be friends with everyone, which ment changing myself to fit in all the time. now im kind of a mess, but definatly getting better....oh man see now im legitimatly happy after gettin all this down....gonna go smoke a jay :)
  5. doesnt it seem like everyone and their mother is going through some serious soul searching phase?

    i went though it too, and probably still am..its fine.

    marijuana shows u to urself according to bob marley.
    im totally with it, and often i find myself psychologically and spiritually analyzing myself after getting high, usually when im alone.
  6. If you truly seek yourself- you won't find anyone else. :)
  7. What affects us, as individuals, is odd. We feel that people dislike us, or know they dislike us, for some reason that is in our control. We can try to control how others identify us through appearance, conversation, and the like, yet identity is interpreted ambiguously without much consideration to the controls we try to implement. When we try to reflect on our own as to what our identity is, the questions seem endless. We may come to find that even our interpretation of our own identity is near impossible to define. In that light we must try to define what an identity is. Is it the way we interact? Is it the way we think? Is it our associations?

    My personal take on introspection is one of slight indifference. I try to experience life, rather than attempt to find an identity to attach to it. Perhaps, I have yet to make a meaningful introspection. Perhaps, I just do not feel myself to be any more important than what makes up everything around me.

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