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Identifying Shake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whatisup3, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hey i have smoked a few times before but i bought for the first time the other day. The stuff i got was mostly already ground up he said but my friend said i should make sure its not shake. I want to know how to identify if it is or not. Here is a picture of what i got, its not a very good picture though. IMGP0720.jpg .
  2. is that marijuana?
  3. did u happen to buy cat nip? LOLOLOLOL nahh jk hard to tell from the picture but it looks like shake definetly dont tihnk its ground up because everything is very uneven it looks like it jsut deferent peices but not ground
  4. i would define shake as weed that falls off the buds in a bag, buts its all the same shit. now you dont have to break it up yourself
  5. Buy in nugs from now on if you can.. That way you can tell the quality of the weed... Shake is alot harder to determine the quality
  6. Yea always buy in buds if you can but i dont think i would turn down shake if it meant no weed at all. But you usually get ALOT of shake for a small price around here at least so sheake usually meens alot of bowls.

    It also seems like shake isnt as strong as buds but maybe thats just me
  7. shake is usual bottom of the bag like the last of a ounce or something. think of it as crumbs that falls off the bud, its the same as if you broke it up yourself but i wouldnt buy shake if i didnt trust and know the person.
  8. That looks like shake to me...

    If it is shake you would be able to tell really quick... Its easy to find... Just small bits of nug in the corners of the bag that is really fine, almost like a powder.

    You can smoke shake all day but a lot of people dont like it cause you cant tell wtf your smoking...
  9. If you buy ground up bud, that means whoever you bought it from ground it up in their grinder and got the kief (thc) off of it and sold you the remaining less potent 'shake.'
  10. duude not cool.. you have earned some - rep my friend. seriously though if you dont know what your talking anbout dont spred misinformation.
  11. If it's broken up like that it's shake.
  12. Totally wrong.
    Please have an idea what you are talking about before you post...
  13. I guess that looks like shake, lol, doesn't really look like weed to me, but if I ever buy shake it's for rolling mad blunts, and there is one way to judge the quality of shake. Either ask your guy or girl where the shake came from - chronic, regs, etc. Or you can inspect the bag for any really small nugs and inspect those like you would regular buds, that's what I've done when I've bought shake and if your lucky you might find some nice sized little hairy nugs. :smoke:
  14. You really shouldn't talk about things you don't know. Shake is almost always broken bud bits and lots of crushed leaf; it's often the 'trim' from commercial grows or the leftovers at the bottom of a quantity bought by a dealer. People don't grind up bud and sell it as shake.

  15. I wouldn't doubt people doing that.
  16. Maybe some noobish high school kid who is a wannabe dealer because they bought an ounce and flipped it, but no commercial dealer I've ever known, and that is many, grinds the product up before they sell it.
  17. exactly what i was thinking, and if you buy weed thats gone through a grinder than maybe you need to velchro your shoes and step it up.
  18. #18 Xodus, Feb 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    The only reason I mentioned that is because he used the term 'ground' and I have heard of many lowly dealers grinding up bud and selling it.

    Just saw your second post, the people I know of who have done it aren't highschoolers. Just poor quality dealers, and they purchase large amounts. Some people are just all about the money and not so much the relations.

  19. Sorry if I came off as harsh.
  20. #20 Xodus, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    It's all good, just trying to inform the guy on what could be going on with the shake. Most poor quality 'dealers' are in it for the money and cut many corners to get it.

    Many younger stoners will unfortunately run into these 'dealers.'

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