Identifying Male/Female Plants

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  1. How can I tell which ones are male and which ones are female? It's only been 2 days since the plants sprouted, so how long do I have to wait untill I can tell? Hel would be much appreciazted, thanx
  2. A general rule of thumb is at least a foot tall or 6-8 weeks vegging (from seed). Then by switching lights to 12/12 induces flowering.

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  3. Great info, vatoloco.

    I always wondered this as well. That pic is now saved to my hard drive. :D

    And it's 12/12 for flowering? I thought it was more dark time to flower? I haven't started growing yet, but I'd like to have that cleared up before I start. :eek:

    If that is true, then I better tell my friend! I think he's vegging on 12/12. (uhoh)

    And there's my sister, who won't believe me that natural sunlight this time of year is not going to do well on her little baby sprouts. tsk tsk tsk
  4. Natural sunlight is great for marijuana! As long as it's not outdoors in the U.S. which is still too cold in most places. The intensity of light from the sun is the same on the top of the plant as it is on the bottom. This is because the lumens from the sun have traveled however many light years to reach your plants.

    It's different for HIDs and fluoros since they lose intensity the farther from the bulbs. The first foot under a 1000W HPS is as intense as the sunlight at noon. Any closer than a foot and you risk scorching the leaves...unless you have good ventilation, exhaust...or a water-cooled system.

    The strain your friend has might be used to growing under 12/12 conditions and it'll just flower when it's ready. These types aren't light cycle triggered into flowering at all. Either that or he just doesn't know vegging should either be 24/0 or 18/6.

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  5. excellent info and superb pic.!

  6. Visited the site..............well done ! :D
  7. Hi , i actually looked over faq's and search in this board but can't find anwser :

    Are male plants totally useless ? Maybe if it has not enough THC to smoke , u can eat 20 grams :p . Anyway has anyone tried doing something with male buds exept destroying them ?
  8. If you have male plants of one strain you can breed them with the same strain or females of a different strain...other than that I see no use for male plants. Good info btw vataloco, it's good to see you hanging around again!
  9. males are best used to keep a strain and to cross strains..... or use the leaf on the male plants to make ganja food or oil..

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