Identifying deficiency. Possibly magnesium?

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  1. Semi new to growing, I grow in my own version of supersoil.
    1/3 peat, 1/3, compost/worm castings, 1/3 perlite
    Amended with:
    Kelp meal
    Neem seed meal
    Crab meal
    Malted barley powder

    Currently running 3 plants in a 4x4 (was running 4 but one turned out to be a male)
    All of my plants look fine except for 1 of em. It's starting to yellow from top down it looks like? With some leaves having white or yellow fading in between veins...

    What could be lacking in that pot? They all get the same feedings which consists of mainly RO water, occasional cal mag and occasional topdressing and foliar. Yellowing started about 3 weeks ago and I just flipped the lights to 12/12.
    Plant in question is the first picture but you can probably tell from pictures.

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  2. I'm not seeing mag deficiency, I am seeing badly overwatered slightly over fed.

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  3. Hmm really? What are the signs you see? At least the main ones? I was watering once every 2 days with a 1 gal pump sprayer for about 3 minutes each plant once they reached a decent size.
  4. Look at it the leaves look bloated and bumpy, with a downward curl over the full length. That's clearly overwatered. The slight taco is slightly too much light and the color is all wrong. Too much water damages roots to the point all they can take up is water, thus growers natural response is more nutes.

    Imo that plants way overwatered I'd cut back to maybe 2 liters of water every 4-5 days and feed once a month. Potentially raise the light another 8-12 inches.

    Mag deficiency will present in your plant as purplish stems and will go away with the addition of a mag supliment relatively quickly. I do not see any purple in pics provided.

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  5. I think you were definitely right. I cut back watering and am starting to see some green return to the new growth. I guess I was over watering because the topsoil (2-3 inches) dried out relatively quickly however the bottom must stay pretty moist. I think I might want to look into a blumat soil moisture sensor.

    Funny that I posted a similar thread on rollitup and got many more replies, however nobody mentioned over watering. Thank you!

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