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  1. I'm having some first grow problems, the pictures are attached they seem to have a deficiency of some kind, if it was my guess id say its Nitrogen, since its affecting the lower leafs first and slowly building upwards (mobile deficiency?)

    Some grow data to consider as the cause:

    • Using Homegrown local Sinai bag seed
    • temps around here, avging 35*c high 20*c low
    • Poor Ventilation.. (i'm thinking the discoloring could be a result of bad air circulation)
    • This is one month since germination and they r looking very small ???? wth? is that normal
    • they were in 250ML Styrofoam cups as seedlings and just go re-potted in the pots you see here
    • no Nutes were used in the beginning week after germination
    • one feeding of nute mix = 19 19 19 N.P.K, its pink and granular (water soluble). used 2 tsp. in 2Litres of water.
    Besides the dis-coloring, they seem to be a little stunted, as their growth is not consistent.

    If you need to see pictures of the grow space and stuff check this thread

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  2. You plant has heat stress. 35 degrees C is too hot.

    You do appear to have a nitrogen deficiency. What is the PH of your feed?

    Good luck.
  3. I agree. Nitrogen def could be the temps are too hot and photosynthesis stops at 90 I believe.
  4. Well ya it might reach that temp in mid day, but there is an AC in tho room so it can easily be maintained. ill make sure the room stays at 20-26 degreec C from now on.

    The pH levels of the feed are around 6.5/7 .. will confirm and post again tho.

    Can som1 recommend me a good starter kit for nutrients, sthg that includes nutes for veg and flowering stages as well as other supplemets. sthg fouund in the euro market would be a plus, as i think they shall be bought from Amsterdam, with a few seeds ofcourse. i'm thinking of trying out an Autoflowering strain
  5. This is what I, and a lot of other people use...

    [ame=] Fox Farm Soil Nutrient Trio - Quarts: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    Not sure of it's availability in the UK. They only have retailers in the US. But, you could order it online.

    Good luck.

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