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Identify Without A Pic?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by i liketrees, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. #1 i liketrees, Jun 11, 2013
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    i just had my buddy drop me off an eighth.  he forgot to mention that i had a choice in strains this time, so he just gave me half and half.  problem is, i'm not 100% sure which is which, and i don't have a camera to show.  so let's see if my descriptions are up to snuff:
    one is lighter colored, MUCH less dense, and there appear to be more red hairs
    the other is a darker green, VERY dense and few red hairs
    i havent smoked either yet to report on what the highs are like, but according to my buddy, one is northern lights and the other ak 47.  the less dense buds look like what i got last time someone sold me weed under the pretense that it was ak 47, but that guy talked out of his ass a lot.
    i can provide more info if needed, but in the meantime, anyone think they can identify which is which through my crappy descriptions?  according to crappy google images, the more dense buds might be ak 47?
    EDIT:  also, i dont want to comment on the smell since this guy keeps all his bud in the same container, so pretty much everything i get from him sort of adopts the same smell

  2. Well depending on the grower and shit everything changes but I would guess the darker one to be Northern Lights!

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  3. yeah i know there will be variation between growers, but there are distinct differences between the two, so i thought i'd ask.
    and i think you may be right.  i've been googling around for reviews and such, and the lighter, fluffier one seems to match up with ak-47.
    on a side note, i just smoked that one and damn it is good.  must have been well grown too because the smoke was real smooth.
  4. Ak-47 is a sativa dominant strain and Northern Lights is an indica dominant strain
    The sativa will give you a more energetic, uplifting high while the indica will give you that couchlock feeling
    Maybe you can figure out which is which by trying each one at different times
  5. Ak 47 is suppose to be high in both thc and cbd so be careful! Its called sativa dominant but it can make you lazy as fuck!

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  6. I'd say your guess is the most likely to be right. Granted there are different phenotypes for each strain and it's impossible to tell for sure unless you know the grower(s) but, the most educated answer given the situation is the lighter of the two is the AK47 and the darker the NL.
  7. This fucking repetitive thread!!it should be ban worthy!

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