identify song please! rep+ for any sort of help!

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  1. hey everyone well i walked into my local 7-11 at 12am i was slightly drunk and very very high and as i walked in i heard a song.

    it was 50 cent sayin ''so seductive'' and it had a really good beat its not the song with tony yayo in it its another one!
  2. im pretty sure its disco inferno.
    or maybe candy shop idk man lol

  3. nah neither man :'( it was so fucking good especially cuz i was high and i hate fiddy but some of his songs are mad
  4. [50 Cent]
    The way you move (the way you move)
    You make me lose (you make me lose)
    All control (all control)
    I know you know (I know you know)
    You're so seductive you make me wanna touch it
    I ain't got to tell you, you know I wanna fuck you
    I'm feelin your style, you better watch me now
    My tongue'll be in your mouth, my hands'll be in your blouse
    When you get me aroused you put a spell on me
    Man if I can't have you I'ma go crazy
    I want you bad now and if you want me
    Girl killin me now, or succumb to me now

    peep show- 50 cent ft. eminem. is that it?

  5. nah bro thanks tho the song came out before or when 'the massacre' album came out rep+ for trying brah thanks
  6. Its either Candy Shop or So Seductive

    [ame=]YouTube - candy shop (50 cent)[/ame]


    [ame=]YouTube - Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent so seductive[/ame]
  7. had to be candy shop, or so seductive
    or just a random blend that some dj made
  8. well its neither but it was on the radio tho :(

    so it must be official oh well itsmy lifelong quest to find this song hahaha

    rep+ for those who helped

    by the way black wall street made a diss using those beats against fiddy so yeah.
  9. are you talkin bout 50's newest song? "Ok, Your Right?"

    and what bws diss are u talkin bout on what beat?

  10. i don't like him either its just like only a small percent of his songs are actually goood.

  11. nah its an old song around the time he realease the massacre or before it

    im not sure but i know bws made a song with that beat and fiddy made it so bws made a diss with that beat

    i remember at the end one of the bws people are like ''GG GG G UNOT OLIVIAS A FUCKING MAN'' some shit like that
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    Just A Lil' Bit?

    [ame=]YouTube - 50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit MUSIC VIDEO[/ame]

    Man, this song just flows out all the hate in my system and directs it at 50...


    edit: nahh i'm pretty sure it's candy shop.
  13. yeah prob just a lil bit

    look on the mixtapes you know what it is volume 3 the beat ur talkin bout should be on there. pick which one, tell me wht it is was and ill tell u the song. but its prob just a lil bit i was just gunna post that
  14. if you don't know the song how can you say when it came out?
  15. It was outta control! I found it yays

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