Identify Leaf Problem

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ROLA311, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. 13199D22-CACA-49C8-B808-BB9648CCD652.jpeg 168C5521-DFFF-4B67-933A-5CB2C860E475.jpeg B6A41E0B-7737-43E3-A71B-8F176F38FADA.jpeg C48BBE6A-6715-496F-A610-FE9FA1BDCBAC.jpeg anyone know what this could be? Almost translucent

    No signs of bugs/pests

    On week 5 of autoflower

  2. Yes the early growth but all good after that
  3. Man, am I gonna dig myself a hole;
    it almost looks as though you accidentally sprayed something there.
    Is there ANY other damage like that?
  4. No other damage that I see. I think they’re pretty healthy but I’m no pro. Wife may have sprayed them with some nutrient water I guess?

    Which comes to my next question if it is a nutrient problem, they get about a gallon every other day. Should I be feeding every watering?
  5. Your plants look very healthy. Given that; carry on!
    (In my mind I was thinking bug spray)
    It is *my* routine to fertilize every other time... just as you do.
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