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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ep1k d00d, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I just moved and im having problems finding some bud..... never had this problem before because it was so easy to get where i used to live.... and i dont just want to just go asking random ppl.... is there like any way to find it.... i live in north miami if ne one can help
  2. just ask ppl if they party
    its not blatantly obvious what your looking for but itll make it easier
  3. May work, hope no one thinks im talking about X or even worse Flirting with them lol... it sucks so bad all i have is a bag of stems:(
  4. ya, i know what what you mean about them assuming stuff...but it's worked for me...most of my convos have been like...

    me: hey, so do you party?
    them: ya, what all do you do
    me: well right now i'm looking for some green.. just seems easier
  5. Just ask people, usually (if your smart) you will find someone within first 1-3 trys.

    This will help you: "A stoner knows a stoner when he sees a stoner"
  6. Oh and if you see someone with long ass dreadlocks just ask him, I have never in my life had someone w/ dreadlocks say no.
  7. lol u live in miami and cant find bud... do u walk around in a DEA shirt or something.. theres so much bud everywhere in miami
  8. ask someone if they could hook you up with some bud.

    if they smoke they know what you mean

    if they dont smoke and say something wierd say you meant budwieser beer. i used that when i was younger
  9. na man just moved here.... and never had to ask for it, it was always their.
  10. this sounds like it would work lol

    well everyone im off on my bud finding adventure wish me luckkk
  11. So my hunt for bud wasn't a success......


    Today I was taking a shit and was pretty bored. So i decided to look under the cabinet for no reason and i found my bowl fully packed.... have no idea how it got there. I had to abeen RiPPeD not to remember.... but ne ways im pretty happy about that... should get a nice high tonite

    B4:( After:smoking:

  12. the bud gods have blessed you kindly. but seriously, i'm moving soon but i know pot heads know other pot heads. you'll find someone soon, good luck on your bud hunts.
  13. try craigslist... i know its odd, but here in seattle i was able to find two people who had bud available that way. One time I posted a message that was kinda cryptic and got some responses, and another time I actually saw an ad selling 420 :/

    both times I found great connects... good luck, i know how it sucks to not have a connection

  14. Hahahaha are you kidding?

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