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  1. Does anyone else notice that they have their best "ideas" and "thoughts" while HIGH. I find that herb totally stimulates the mind to overdirve and makes you think of totally different ideas than you would when not stoned.

    THats cool shit!

    The mind is a powreful thing, set it free -


    I know EXACTLY what you mean!!

    When I try to explain this to people who don't toke, they just give me this look that seems to say, "Yeah, right!".

    My thoughts and creativity are completely freed up when I'm's awesome....
  3. I write some of my best poetry while smoking marijuana, but then again, most of those are about drugs. But weed sets my mind free and for that period in time, I feel at peace with myself and everything around me.
  4. I think drug use among any artist is overlooked when you talk about how great they were . . . .
    I mean look at the great painters who drank absinth for inspiration and there are numerous songs that have been written while high.
  5. yeah i bet all the great decisions throught history were made while on weed. because in fact many historical figures did toke

  6. amen
  7. I do my best work when im stoned
    I really get into my work when im high

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  8. what is absinth?
  9. True but there's the problem that you usualy forget about them afterwards or are just too stoned to explain them to people so that they can fully understand them the way you have. I'm thinking about investing on speech recorder, that way I could save the ideas for future purposes.
  10. absinth is a highly alchoholic drink made with wormwood.
    it's illegal. and it is said to be hallucinagic

  11. Thats what I need when I go off in my improvised hour long songs on the guitar while im high. I just play what ever comes to my head - 1 passage leads to another, and to another, etc. I come up with some cool shit, but the only probles is I CANT REMEMBER ANY OF IT!
  12. Have been having the same problem, there's some crazy stuff comin' out and everythings just right, but afterwards you can't remember a single line. We used to records some of our sessions but when listened afterwards some of that stuff weren't that great actually.... cool ideas tough.
  13. the speech recorder is an excellent idea . . . . ...
    i too have been thinking of the same thing . . . . . . .
    great minds think alike .: )
  14. I always get amazing ideas when I'm stoned. I bet some of them could probably make the world a better place, but unfortunately they're completely forgotten within atleast one second.
    I wrote some stuff down when i was stoned once but it didn't make any sense when I looked at it later. Go figure.....

    Does anyone else here get really excited when they have a fantastic idea? I often end up telling other people to shut the fuck up if they try and interrupt for fear of forgetting what I'm on about :D


    Absinthe is a green spirit which contains Wormwood - a herb which contains a hallucinogen called Thujone.

    Thujone is illegal in America but Pernod is basically a Thujone free Absinthe (Pernod was actually one of the first brands of Absinthe but they removed the Thujone and continued selling the product after the law changed) and should be available...

    Absinthe is legal in the UK, although difficult to get hold of.

    Lots of famous people used Absinthe... most famously, Vincent Van Gogh is said to have been on an Absinthe binge when he cut his ear off.
  15. In the US Absinthe is completely legal to own, it's just illegal to buy or sell. But let's say you brought some back from France, where it's everywhere, even in convenient stores, it would be 100% legal.
  16. I'm more creative when i'm sober.

    Go figure.
  17. i ws about to say, hre in UK abstinth is perfectly legal,
  18. Hey i know exactly what you mean, I think of good ideas and some crazy ones while baked as well. I even tried writting it down but I did'nt:rolleyes: go figure. And when I sober up its hard for me to remember

    MJ just makes me look at things from a completely different perspective
  19. definately... i get very creative when i smoke weed... and i know it helps with musicians and other artists for creative inspiration
  20. at first my mind is kinda blank yet at rest - then when the foggiest of the high subsides great ideas rise more freely

    i think the clearing of my mind allows thing that have been buried by everyday anxieties to become obvious to me

    if you pratice writing down your ideas in that state you'll find you become better at expressing yourself

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