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  1. Ok so i got a big girl its girl scout cookies i bred with a male i got from some good bag seed unsure of the males breed except it was a indica anyways i started growing her in April about 420 sprouted about 4-26 and i vedged till may 12th roughly. I sexed it about the very last day of may id say started flowering till july very slowly height is about 3ft9 or 10 give or take been buding for about a month and like 2 weeks she is under a 150 watt hps not the best light but alot better than having no good light system at all. I do not have a magnifying glass nor will i be able to get one for a while anyways i got pics to show and give you a better idea on what my wait time could possibly be plz answermy post somebody 1502332484004.jpg 1502332515109.jpg 1502332543109.jpg 1502332568522.jpg

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  2. You got a while still, maybe 4+ weeks based on those pics.
  3. Yea at least 4 more weeks
  4. You're a long way from being ready by what that plant looks like. But because you have such weak lighting, there isn't going to be super great bud development anyway. The plant is tall and lanky because of weak light and it likely being too far away from the plant from day #1. To get the most out of the light you have, you need to keep it as close to the plant as possible without danger of light burn. But a 150 watt HPS lamp isn't really enough to force a plant to do very much unless it's a really small plant/micro grow situation. I would suggest at least a 600 watt per plant to get the kind of buds to form that you're shooting for. We run 4, 1000 watt HPS per room and run 2 plants per light. We're getting around 5-6 oz per plant after cure at harvest right now. Setting no records, I'm sure, but the quality is superb so we're pretty happy. But light is the key to getting a decent harvest out of a plant and giving each plant plenty of space to spread so light can penetrate the canopy of the plant during flower. All a part of the great learning curve my friend. We run a 10 week cycle too. You're going to need to go at least that much to get anything much off this plant. Happy growing! TWW

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