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Ideas on fixing bong, and clean my bubbler

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by piffpuffN, May 28, 2012.

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    well my friends broke this bong along time ago n i just kept it sitting around . i want to try to restore it but the down stem isn't the one that came with so it is TOO LONG, should i leave it sticking out like that (is there gonna be drag because of it) or take the risk of try to break a lil bit off the end so it does fit?
    Also the mouth piece BROKE so i dont kno what i can do about that. possibly sand it down ? i don't want anyone getting hurt going to rip my bong
    Any ideas of how to help restore my broken would be much appreciated.
    i have 2 other bongs , n a bunch of pipes but i jus feel like doing this because it has been sitting around so long.
    +rep well be giving if someone helps me fix:hello:

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    Also a bubbler there is balls of resin in it n i want to clean it so there is no resin , but i cant get it out , any suggestions?
    my theory was use muratic acid . i have used it before toget rice out of my bong , do u guys think it will break up the big resin balls in my bubbler??
    ive tried using a paper clip but no luck and there is jus simply way too much res
  3. Bump! u guys are no help : (

  4. 90%+ iso and salt (preferably sea salt)

    that plus steaming hot water and a shake will get it clean, not completely resin free though.

    to get it as close to resin free as possible soak it in simple green over night and rinse with hot water.
  5. Throw it away.... You will feel better
  6. no way ,i jus fixd n it ripped it ! think im gona give it to a friend tho cuz my other 2 bongs are GonG
    i sanded down the mouthpiece so its nice and smooth , u can still c where it broke but at least its useable now, and for the downstem that was too long i jus broke a good in or 2 off , n its good now!
    As for the bubbler i havent started doing anyting to it yet
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  7. Dude toss that out you're a jerk if you give that to a friend sanded down or not that thing is a weapon to me. And muratic acid? I can't believe how many people haven't heard of the whole iso and salt thing.
  8. with the bong i have atm i just clean it with iso and salt but that doesnt just strip the resin of instantly you have to soak it overnight but with my bong im able to take the downstem out and then i can get my finger in there and all the resin comes off instantly just from whiping it with my finger and after it looks like i just bought it but with ur b ong u cant do that so just soak it on
  9. Yeah........ for the cleaning process check out my tutorial Immediately!

    as for your broken piece...... your only option for the mouth piece is to go get a rubber ring from a hardware store and super glue it onto the top so no one can hurt them selfs.............but honestly throw it away and get a new one you can find one just like yours for 20 online all the trouble and shit isnt worth it. BUY A NEW ONE FOR CHEEP

    Mini Binger Glass Water Pipe - Glass Water Pipes by GogoPipes.com 27$

    also my tutorial will keep all your pieces 100% BRAND NEW
  10. Why didn't you just use some epoxy? If you were careful you wouldn't even know it was broke.

    It's like nobody knows what epoxy is these days. $2 at home depot.
  11. Go to your hardware store and get some JB weld, it's worth it, it's liquid weld that will last until you break another piece of the bong, best shit you can get, way better then cheap ass epoxy, this will actually give it structure back.
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    The resin balls didnt break up its like 7 big ass resin balls that cant fit threw any holes.
    And ya tthe bong is deffintly not a weapon , i sanded it down so there are no sharp edges its smooth , i smoked out of it and it was fine, theres no need to throw something away that i spent money on is perfectly usable still? :confused:
    maybe i shouldnt of posted since so many people are bashing on me too throw it out and buy a new one, but why would i do that i already 2 Glasson glass bongs? I dont like to see things go to waste i guess

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