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  1. Greetings GC! I visited my local Agway yesterday to pick up another bag of ProMix BX. I got up to the counter, the lady rang me out then a guy behind her looks at me then says to her, Give him the discount Ive seen him in here a few times. So I was like cool, then the lady asks me something I wasnt expecting. She asked if I was starting my own or had a greenhouse? She put me on the spot:eek: as I wasnt expecting any questions. So i just said I'm starting my own and left it at that. But I would like to see if anyone has any suggestions, I need a believable reason that I am buying this much soil as I will be going back soon for soil for the outdoor season.:)
  2. You need to get a hobby. I'm constantly doing landscaping and whatnot. Then I became interested in clones, specifically trees. I know it sounds silly. You can sell trees for anywhere from $30-$125 (cypress ). One day I was at the "shop" and was asked a few questions. I found myself rattling off info about my hobby. Not only was it believable, but I know more than they do. They are so helpful now, and absolutely not suspicious. My point is get a story you can tell in detail like second nature. When you feel apprehension, so do others. Good luck!
  3. Look them dead in the eye and say "It's for an... art project." Doesn't matter what you're buying, that'll stop the questions :)
  4. my "mom/wife/girlfriend/sister" just picking up what she asked.
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    Dude, all they care about is money. Just put your self in to the Hydro store owner's shoes - you got bills to pay kid in college,new car.. You'll sell it to devil as long as he is not telling you about on how he is planing to use the equipment, even if you are 99.9% positive that he is using it to grow TOMATOES .If someone is looking at you like they suspect you in something it is all in your head, even if they do, they will be last people to rat on you,unless they are total morons. Money do not smell...
  6. I walked into one of those places and there was a woman there talking to a couple people at the counter about her ebb and flow tables.. i wouldn't worry about it too much. If you just gotta... spend a little time in the seed section, pick out a couple cucumbers, tomatoes, some squash, lettuce, maybe a packet of pumpkin seeds.
  7. best thing to say is you grow fruits/veggies...or even herbs.

    if you say something that isnt in season just say you're growing it indoors...or better yet look up whats in season when you go the shop...then tell them thats what you're growing. itll be pretty believable as they wouldnt expect you to research that ahead of time just for an excuse.

    the first time i got put on the spot, "what are you growing?" (felt like sayin, "none of ur got-damm bizziness son!") but said calmly, "tomatoes". and walked out.
  8. I usually go in puffin a phattie and bumping smoke 2 joints on the ipod:smoke: Least that way they have no reason to think anything suspicious.On the reals though grow some vegetables and erbs. Honestly a new store opened close to me and when I went in the person told me more than I needed to know i was like WTF?!?!Needless to say my new favorite shop HEEHEE
  9. i don't know why ya need to say your growing anything indoors.. i mean.. really who does that?

    I like the my mom.. girlfriend.. who ever sent me to pick this up idea.

    Houseplants need to be repotted or divided every so often when they grow big enough, just say that if you need to.. or my mum is dividing her geraniums to make into gifts for the ladies for her whatever club or sport.
  10. Great! maybe i'll try this... or maybe not.
  11. Agway is a farm, feed and hardware store...
  12. lol, you are so right. I do need a hobby. Other than growing MJ that is... Anyway, yeah it would have been nice to been prepared for that. They are giving me a discount for being a repeat customer. I figure the least I can do is come up with a good reason why I come in there every so often, buy a brick of pro mix and walk out...
  13. You sell your tomatoes at local farmers markets on the weekends? :confused:

    You're a very avid Gardner who keeps a greenhouse during the cold months?

    You run a small but bustling online potted plant delivery business?
  14. There giving you a discount, that's cool, meaning they want your business. The owner probably doesn't care if you take the soil, whatever you buy and dump it in the parking lot. When I go to the hydro shop I deal with, they jump over the counter to help me. Maybe the Agway store owner can be fooled that your new hobby is growing fruits and vegetables, the guy I deal with has to know, and I am sure he does. The next time you go to the store smoke a big blunt, load your cart up, walk to the counter and pay the counter person. If they ask what are you doing with all this soil, smile at her and simply say No Hablar.
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    Hey i know this is an old thread and maybe this should just be its on its own...

    Today i stopped into my favorite garden shop, not a grow shop, just lawn and garden stuff and pet feed bird seed etc.

    and i start thinking about this thread.

    Long story short through our conversation he tells me a couple ways he knows if someone cultivating mj

    1. they have very specific questions that the average home gardener wouldn't.. and have 0 idea of what they want and are in the wrong type store to begin with.

    2. Buying a very large quantity of bagged soil, not caring at all what it costs, and carrying an eyebrow raising amount of cash.

    My source is down to earth, very helpful and all around 'upstanding citizen' whom i respect. MJ is not for him, but he could give two shits as long as he doesn't think your some kinda scumbag kingpin.

    Hope this helps. good luck
  16. Ya make it a hobby, i grow my own herbs and a few flowers.
  17. 3 hot girls work at my hydro store and they know exactly why I come in. I always ask them questions and they know exactly what im talking about. These damn places stay in buisness cause us pot growers.
  18. Yea these people get growers like us everyday especially in states that medical mj is legal. Maybe try to find more of a laid back store like the one i go to everyone working there grows and its awesome ill go in there for hours talking and hearing there grow stories. Its a great way to learn also.
  19. Why does it matter what they think ? they dont know where you live and they more than likely do not give a fuck about what you do .

    Aswell they are probably not going to (investigate) a guy that bought a bag of soil... or whatever , just be sure never to be followed home by anyone and you should be fine

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