Ideas For Water Retention?

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  1. I'm going to be starting a late grow this season with 3 plants, it's a guerilla grow and I have my spot already and what not. Only thing is there is no natural source of water for miles. I was going to do the hard work and lug in my own water, but I would like to make it not so frequent to prevent tracks, chances of being seen, ect. I'm planning on putting mulch down on the top of the soil, is there anything else I can do to spread out times between waterings?
    And also any good ideas for catching rain water would be helpful. Thanks. :wave:

  2. Mulch and vermiculite work well.
  3. ^^ What he said. Also, bury a couple of pieces of wood a few inches under your plant. The wood will retain water, and the plant can use it later.
  4. I'm on my first outdoor grow myself so don't write me down as an expert but I've grown a lawn for the first time, I noticed just by having grass however spotty it may be that other plants grow because of that little extra shade, and as a result those plants give shade to the ground under helping the sun from drying it up, maybe try putting some grass without super deep roots in the soil to keep some sunlight out, but those soils are made to retain water fairly well anyway so I would just go with their suggestions 
  5. you can get a 55gal drum cut the top off and get a sheet of galvanize or sheet metal of some kind to direct the rain into the drum or other such container.also for water retention you can mix in or top dress with saw dust.
  6. Yep what farmer said. Or you can just dig a giant hole and throw a lot of mulch in the bottom of it and most of the rainwater should retain. You can throw a nice camo tarp over it and tie it down so wildlife wont get into it and get trapped.
  7. tupperware containers/totes work well also! U can carry water up when u go, and prefill it and also let rainwater help to fill it.
    Did you get your package today yet? just curious.
  8. Yeah I was thinking of getting a 55gal container and burying it up to the rim to collect water. 
    And not yet, I was on the look out lol, I'm guessing it should get here tomorrow.
  9. yeh should be there tomorrow.. also u dont need a 55gal barrel, try like 2 15gallon rubbermaid totes or 1 30 gallon. 30 gallons should be able to water you for 10 waterings if u filled it up
  10. i only water mine about 1 gal per plant each week. Mind you its not hot outside yet, and they are still small plus my area is normally damp also. Ill talk to u later about ideas also =D
  11. son is gonna mos def hurt his back if he tries to carry that 30 gallon tote full.
  12. :eek: not to carry it fari, to put it at his site, and fill it with water/catch rainwater! :p
  13. Polymer crystals.
  14. water crystals

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