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    I've had this bong for coming up on 2 years now, bought it at a gas station for 30 bucks as my first glass piece. I have def. got my moneys worth, ive dropped it countless times and since day one was a great smoke. Its been in the back of my mind to try to make some new upgrades to it, but never have I had the money. Got a new job and I finally have some extra money around. I'll have pics up as soon as the get to my computer, but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some sick upgrades to make to my pipe. Or if it would even be possiable for upgrades.

    EDIT: heres the pictures, taken from my phone so not the best quality.


  2. Depending on the joint size you may need to change the downstem to add any kind of slide, a/c, precooler. Some pics would definetley help.
  3. Without changing the downstem you'll only be able to swap out different sliders. Your best bet would be to buy a diffuser for starts. from there you can add pretty much whatever you want. Make sure you get the right joint size you want.
  4. get a new bong. something glass on glass. then the amount of upgrades for it are endless..

    not to mention you will never ever want to use a grommet bong again once you get your glass on glass fix! i reccommend using the extra loot you have around and getting a nice straight tube roor or illadelph. or even a lux mini or roor mini perc if you wanna get something for like 230-250.

    they are the perfect size like 16 inches, come with a 5 arm tree perc, diffuser. its all you need.
  5. yeah i think thats the first thing im going to do is replace the downstem. its feels like it could break easily, just glad it hasnt yet. I think i wana convert it to GonG but i wouldnt know how to go about that.
  6. I'm not 100% sure you can. I have a grommet style and added a 14.5 diffy and bought an inline a/c with it. No complaints about the hits at all. Still used a rubber grommet though for a good fit.
  7. man, im just saying get a new bong if you can. your gonna love glass on glass, no rubber involved so you cant convert yours to glass on glass, you would have to fuse a glass joint on to your existing bong with a torch. a far cry from "worth it" when you can just get a new glass on glass bong for less than a hundred bucks!
  8. If you can afford it, GonG is hands down the way to go. My first was a Molino (not so great, in some opinions, but i love it) with a no-name diffy, and molino ashcatcher for $110 in NYC. You can always go that route as well.
  9. yeah haha just thought about it for a bit. I've liked the bong all this time the way it is, i dont think i should change it. Probably going down to my shop in a bit to look at some new pipes. thanks for the help.
  10. He could just go to a head shop and have them put in a grommet gong female piece. My friend did that to his china tube not too long ago. A regular grommet downstem with a glass on glass joint.

    I would still say upgrade the tube itself tho, imo.
  11. Save up for this beautiful piece. You'll be the talk of the town.
    I'm not too sure what you could use to upgrade what you have now.
  12. yeha i f iwere you, i would get a glass on glass bong.. it will be wayyy easier to get upgrades and whatsoever

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