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ideas for tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im the weedman, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. hmmm....well tomorrow is MLK day, and i have the day off. im gona have the house to myself till about 4. i am definitely gona smoke a few bowls, but i am trying to think of something "special" to do....something other than just going out to the garage and smoking a couple bowls....

    so my question is: what do you guys do when you feel like having a special session? i want to take full advantage of having the house to myself, so i dont just want to do the normal routine.

    i am thinking about rolling a few joints and chillin in bed and smokin them, but i am worried about the house stinking.
  2. Invite a few friends over, have a lil shindig :p
  3. We once filled a whole room with madrasses and threw some blankets in there. So when we felt like we've had enough, we just crept upstairs and into that room where you could just lay down wherever and sleep tight.
    We rented loads of videos (especially live music videos) and a few games. Had the pizza service on speed dial, filled the fridge with beer.
    Then we didn't leave the house for 3 days. Just got up, smoked, played, smoked drank, smoked, etc...til we were fucked up, then crept upstairs, slept, got up and repeated the whole thing.
    We all lost totally track of time and just got up when we felt for it and did just what we wanted to do.
    Damn, those were the days..........when we were young.........when having the house for ourselves was soooo all changes when ya move out...

    Then you can do what you want all the time........
  4. Smoke a joint.
  5. bake brownies or something. that's something you couldn't do if you're parents were home.
  6. Just do what you want, like roll some doobies and smoke in bed. my mom is pretty chill about me smokin, but when i dont want her to find out, i just smoke in my room and it doesnt matter, you'd be surprised at how fast the smell goes away, especially if you just open up the door and the window for like ten minutes or somethin, the crossbreeze will make the smoke so thin that the smell is completely unnoticable.
  7. stonedgreengiant is right about the smell.

    Just sit around, smoke a few bowls and some joints, get high as fuck and smoke loads!!!!!!!

    Do it for alll the stoners who cant smoke right now.
  8. I kinda missed the boat on this thread (MLK day is over) but for future reference, if you're worried about the smell, why don't you spoof it?

    It takes about 15 seconds to make a sufficient spoof.. stuff an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll with .. toilet paper or paper towels! Oh, the irony. Then just blow through it.

    I wouldn't waste too much effort on this but if you want something a little sturdier that you can use several times before throwing it away, try this (this is what I do for spoofs when I want one):

    Punch air holes in the bottom of an empty spring water bottle, stuff it about halfway with dryer sheets (unscented work), stuff it the rest of the way with something else like toilet paper, paper towel, napkins, etc., and be sure to wipe off the rim of the bottle well (esp. the inside) - dryer sheets do NOT TASTE OR SMELL VERY GOOD IMMEDIATELY AFTER TAKING A HIT. Also they tend to be greasy, and you don't want that on or near your lips. Atleast I don't! :smoke:

  9. For future reference:
    Smoke weed + fan pointing out open window + 10 minutes after you finish = no smell.

  10. Haha that too.. but if you're really paranoid the spoof makes a good security blanket ;)


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