ideas for person who cant smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, May 8, 2011.

  1. Ok so my friend just turned 18 and she is intrested in trying marijuana problem is she can't smoke because its extremly bad for lupas and she has never smoked cigerettes either

    I tried edibles (prolly .6 grams) an I had a moderate tolerence an it was still a little bit much
    Can't afford a vape either

    Any ideas she's never smoked weed or anything else and I don't want her flipping and freaking out if the edibles way to strong

    (I usualy get really really dank buds half a bowl has me on my ass and in my own world)
  2. what is a lupa?
  3. Edibles are the only way.

    Unless you want to shoot up hash oil in a hammer.
  4. Did he mean she has the disease Lupus? Still trying to understand why she cant smoke?
  5. Many Lupus sufferers smoke cannabis.

    Erowid Experience Vaults: Cannabis - Systemic Lupus - 49481

  6. Yea lol ment lupus the disease (I think)

    Its basicly an imune disease it tells the body to attack itself (joints and other parts)

    Because it can't idintify the bad stuff to the bodypart (don't understand much about it but its not a good thing an it CAN kill you so she doesn't think its a good idea for her to smoke and I agree)

    Didn't think it was a diaseas tho thought it was genetics or whatver (sorry off my ass right now)

    To the person who said shoot up hash funny joke but not gonna even consider it (u did mean with a needle and syringe right?)
  7. I was joking... but yeh syringe lol.
  8. There are also a wide variety of hash oil vaporization devices with quite peculiar names.

    If you are in a medical cannabis state your girl may qualify for a card, since cannabis is a valid and useful treatment for the pain of lupus, and its immune modifying properties may help with the disease symptoms.

    You may observe that, if your girlfriend has significant pain from her disease process, she may not get stoned the first few times. The more pain my wife is in, the less stoned she gets.

  9. Lol kinda figured but I'm not very good at telling jokes from serious when high (an online)

    Sorry it didn't click in my head lol (does seem doable tho lol)
  10. Injecting hash oil would result in an embolus, stopping your girlfriend's heart, and making for a rather dire end to the evening (if an epic post-"I just killed my girlfriend injecting her with hash oil, should I use a cannabis suppository now?")

  11. Thanks for the info bro :) will look into these devises

    (Not my girlfriend tho lol)

    Sorry to hear about ur wife btw :(

    I thought that it lowerd ur immune system (weed I mean) if so might not be the best but ill look into that :)

    Thanks for the help man I really do aperciate it and thanks for the heads up with pain vs the high aswell :)

  12. Yikes lol thanks for the heads up (not that I was considering it YUCK injecting is nasty and b4 I died I would have a dirty feeling of being a druggy fiend)

    Lol twould be an epic post title tho that made me laugh my ass off :)
  13. That's very interesting, I never knew that pre-existing pain and the onset of the high had a relationship like that. Are you able to elaborate on it, maybe provide some sources? I understand if you can't because as you stated it's just an observation.

    As for OP, smoking is the best option. Edibles will be too intense of a high for a first-time user imo. The smoking could be unpleasant for her at first but once the high starts flowing, it should subside. After that you or her should invest in a vaporiser for sure.
  14. Sounds good load up enough for a few hits show her how to inhale properly and have a glass of water on hand just incase lol

    So should I load it indivualy (enough for 1 medium hit) and load a couple of them?

    Or just flat out load the bowl?

    Also what can we do that will keep her in the happy zone (not turn out into a freaked out state? (I am pretty unexperienced with first timers) (mabey bring one of her stoner friends to help?)

    Will look for a cheap vaporizer question is should I get the crack pipe looking one (eagle bill bud vape) or an electronic one?
  15. Yeah dude just pack the bowl and make sure she only takes small tentative hits. Also if you anticipate a freak out then it could happen. She'll be fine I'm sure, freak outs on weedonly happen when it's anticipated, it's mostly placebo.

  16. The placebo thing makes alota since to be honest

    Was at my dealers house an smoked a fat ass bowl an I had a panic attack so I decided to leave for a walk and felt much much better (hate to smoke an fly but her husband was giving bad vibes for some reason sure he's cool tho just gota get to know him better)

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