Ideas For Non-Profit Volunteer Hours?

Discussion in 'General' started by White Out, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I need 20 hrs of Non-Profit volunteer work for my scholarship, it has to be approved & completed by January 12th, so what exactly does this mean? I have no Idea where to start, Ideas blades? Also it has to be signed by an official of the organization.
  2. Straighten clothes at goodwill. They let me listen to my ipod and i knocked out 10 hours in a week no problem.
  3. Salvation Army, they are everywhere. Not all locations accept volunteers but if you call the headquarters for your general area they can let you know where you can. (and you'll be doing the same type of shit as above)
  4. Look up your local Habitat for Humanity. There's quite a few of those around, I believe they have 4 and 8 hour shifts. There was a website I used (myvolunteerpage maybe, I dunno, this was YEARS ago) to find stuff by zipcode, it was helpful.

    Try to find something you enjoy. I did some volunteer work for a company, enjoyed it, kept volunteering, got a summer internship, got a summer job (that I can work at every summer), and now they're asking when I finish college cause there'll be full time positions available for graduates. I damn well may take them up on this offer. Point being you never know what could come from it, so work hard and keep an open mind
  5. What about volunteering at your library, zoo, retirement homes, or an animal shelter?
  6. These are all great blades! Only thing is its a Cherokee Nation Scholarship. But im going to talk to my advisor about what would be eligible since it has to meet a certain criteria. As far as I know though it just has to be non profit and signed off on by the "official" person.
  7. Bump, anyone have any other suggestions? Leaning towards goodwill!
  8. Yup Goodwill is the place I did all of my scholarship volunteer hours. Super easy work.
  9. I volunteered at a couple of places on my gap year, an old people's home which was alright but that depends on the sort of home. Helped out in a primary school (elementary school in America? kids aged 5-11) and that was genuinely fun, kids are usually hilarious to work with. Or like people have said, charity shops etc.

    If you wanna just grind out the hours I'd do salvation army or whatever. If you wanna get something from the experience, I'd definitely suggest a school or something helping vulnerable people like homeless shelters/charities that support old people/people with mental health issues. The only thing is that this kind of stuff usually needs a criminal records check and they won't all offer to pay the charge, but I don't know if this is even relevant for volunteering in America.
  10. All very relevant information. Appreciate it
  11. Volunteering is truly a great occupation, it even looks amazing on your resume for future jobs. Just choose your own hours, you're giving your own time to do something free of charge so you get to be picky on the hours. Choose any time frame that seems perfect for you, I personally would choose some time in the morning so the rest of the day I'd have a very positive mindset towards the rest of the day. If you are an night owl however, working in the afternoon or night may be best for you. Thanks for doing the world a justice :)
  12. Volunteer at an animal shelter

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