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Ideas for HUGE smoke sesh.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chaynes09, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Dear fellow GC members: I've been in rehab for about 6 months and am getting out in about a month. I would leave rehab but my parents refuse to pay for my apartment unless I complete rehab. Me and my friend who introduced me to smoking are planning a huge smoke sesh between us two or anybody else who throws in $100. I have 400 saved up for it and am wondering what you would do cause we're looking for some epic ideas. So far we plan on rolling up about $400 of weed into blunts (he's throwing 100 too). And btw, don't bitch about how we're not using glass cause in my opinion I'd rather chill outside and smoke a nice blunt. We plan on camping during this whole thing. Any idea's on what to do with the $100 left? Oh, and prices are pretty high here in Eastern Iowa, 15/g 55/eighth 100/quad 375/ounce. Dank of course, no mids in my sessions.

  2. I never understood the point of trying to smoke as much as possible. Why bother rolling that all up, just buy like a half and then roll it when you want to smoke. Smoking more isn't going to get you any higher, and at that point you'd just be wasting weed.
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    Get a king sized tent and cover ALL of the holes in it. Get a few people in that bitch and all light up a blunt. Have 15-20 bags of chips, and some sodas in an ice chest. Get an extension cord and bring a radio/iphone dock out there. I've done this before. 7 of us in a huge tent with 2 oz's, a ton of drinks, music, and food. Best night.

    OH, and we didn't smoke it all. lol. We only smoked about half of it. (a little over an oz). We all passed out about 4am.
  4. Oh, forgot some stuff. So far on my list of munchies I have: Little debbie snack cakes, OJ of course, Engergy drinks (so we don't green out), McDonalds, and whatever else we see at gas stations. Favorite stoner food/drink anybody?
  5. Because I want to? :hello:
  6. Well sure, but two people doesn't really sound like a HUGE sesh. I personally think it's a waste of weed, but whatever to each his own.
  7. Oh shit, forgot to add that we are each inviting 2 other people, so it'd be 6 people in total.

  8. Two people isn't a huge sesh, this is correct. I wouldn't call it a huge sesh until you score 5-8 people. That's still not even big. The biggest sesh I've been in is like 25 people. That's too much for me though. 4 or 5 is perfect.
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    By the size of sesh I was referring to the amount of bud/person ratio.
    Tent wouldn't be big enough for too many people but we have a tent to fit like 8 people or so, it's one of those multiroom tents.
  10. Not smoking in 6 months? You're going to be blazed off one bowl.
  11. Still need ideas for what to do haha

  12. LOL. That's so true. He'll have like 600$ worth of dank. Smoke 40$ worth and pass out cold. hahaha
  13. If you're in rehab, you really shouldnt be getting high anymore. Especially if it's for addiction to unmentionables. Even though it's not addictive, it's not good to smoke if you used to be addicted to other shit. Getting used to getting high isn't good for an addict.

    If you're there because of court orders or parents and it's just for weed, then go for it!!!

    Dont forget the Mr. Pibb, Funyuns, and Munchies Cheese Fix.
  14. noo dont just dont blunts, you gotta have 1 of every piece with you. Roll a few joints, a few blunts, a few bowl packs, a few chillum packs, a few bong packs, a few vape packs, a few pipe packs. Make sure you hit every piece.
  15. Yeah man it's just for weed and parent ordered. The won't pay my apartment rent unless I complete it cause they found out I smoked and flipped out about it.
  16. I used to have quite a collection of glass but my parents smashed it all, it was around 800 worth of glass. I've been collecting it for like 6 years or so and none of them had broken. My parents came over for a surprise visit to my apartment and saw most of it sitting around. That shit sucks man.
  17. They came to YOUR apartment and smashed it? Or they came to THEIR apartment that they allow you to live in and smashed it?

    If the apartment was yours, you could call them on that shit. Just say it was for tobacco use.
  18. I pay half and half for it with them, most of my income goes to my college fees. They pay for a lot of my college so I'm pretty much their bitch on what I do or what I don't do. Saying it was for tobacco wasn't really an option when I had a couple grams on the table.

  19. Ah, okay. I see. I was about to say. Parents or not, if they came into my apartment and smashed my peices, I'd be on a fucking rampage.
  20. And GC'ers can I actually get some ideas on what to do? This always happens on GC -_-

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