Ideas for first tattoo???

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by tank55, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Well i'm 18 and i want a tat and over time i want nautical stars on the front of my shoulders and a bible verse on my ribs, but could you guys give me some ideas of what and where?
  2. if you need someone to tell you what you should get, you probably shouldn't get anything.
  3. Save money and hassle by going with an invisible one from an imaginary artist who works for free.

    Seriously though, I have to agree with the above poster, if you don't know what you want, don't get anything.

    Tattoos are a bitch to get removed.
  4. well i love the idea of having a tattoo and the bible verse one actually means something to me and i like the look of the nautical stars, i just wanted some ideas that i maybe would get also or replace the stars
  5. Get the verse that says good hath given man every seed yadayadayada, our Jesus chasing satan around with a big dildo
  6. haha that would be epic until i had to take off my shirt and trying to explain lol
  7. Nautical
  8. I would suggest getting something that means something to you as your first. It's going to be on you forever, so I hope it will mean something. I've got eight and counting, so, good luck! Hope you figure something out.
  9. Use the bible verse "All plants that bear seeds, I give to you" Genesis 1:29
  10. Well i did something about my religion, i did Mjölnir with the word Thunder translated to old norse, transliterated into elder futhark runes on the side of my right arm just under the shoulder. If i was christian i would do a kick-ass cross design with a bible verse translated to latin somewhere on or around the cross.

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