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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas that could actually be feasible in the debate for legalization of marijuana, mine might be a little hard to understand but here goes, While I was sitting in economics today I started to ponder things, if anyone else has taken a college level economics class you know where I'm coming from, but what if a coalition of sorts was to be set up in which there were representatives who had no ties to any drug affiliated people, and there were growers. and traffickers, if you will, but no more about that because it's against the rules. These growers would stop their current grow if there was one and put all their expertise into massive grow ops, I'm talking 10 pounds per harvest, maybe 3-4 month harvest time, btw I'm not really knowledgable on growing so take pity, and there would be about 300-500 of these growers nationwide. If this coalition as a whole grew enough weed to become a major exporter of it, the forces of supply and demand would cause some things to happen. When an good is produced the person selling would obviously prefer their own currency as payment, so lets say an American exports the weed to a Englishman, the American prefers the payment to be in dollars so the Englishman goes to his international bank and exchanges his currency for dollars which increases the demand for dollars and thus increases the international value of the dollar.

    Now I know the business cycle states that there will ALWAYS be a trough-depression, and a crest-period of expansion. But if enough weed was exported to drastically increase the value of the dollar, the afore mentioned coalition could become an economic force that had to be dealt with, and they could make certain demands if you will to lets say the President, although the President is not able to create bills, he has the power to veto them or table them - basically pass them by procrastination, if you will. However, this demanding of the legalization of marijuana could create some problems such as the government deciding that they don't negotiate with terrorists, which could be a label given to people making demands based on their current power. But that's just my thoughts. If anyone wants to correct me on anything or voice their opinion feel free. Input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. First off, the theory of mandatory business-cycle is not accepted by all schools of economic thought. Find me an example of a boom-bust cycle in an economy with a natural interest rate and no central bank.

    Second, I think if America abandoned its own global crusade against pot and jumped into the cannabis industry as a first-mover it could create a new era of growth for our country.

    However, the reasons it is illegal are not for social or medical reasons, but economic. Competitors of the hemp and cannabis industry will always hold more sway in our political system, so until we change the political system to represent liberty over anti-constitutionalist monopolism through liberalism we will never see a change.

    We need to revert to being a Republic that follows a code of laws, not a plutocracy that can abuse the people with silly notions such as Federal wars on drugs. A good start would be to stop electing Republicrats.
  3. Well as for your first paragraph throughout our nations history every single depression has a recovery and an expansion and every single expansion has a depression, it's the way it goes what goes up must come down, however, the period in between the crest and trough is not the same, in the early 90's we experienced great economic expansion, the expansion and overall economic prosperity wasn't caused by the Clinton administration, contrary to popular belief, nor were the recession(s) that occurred during the Bush administration his fault, it will go up and will go down, no matter what. As for the NIR, if I'm not mistaken a government agency or group controls that, I think it's the Fed, they use monetary policy to keep the economy in a state of general well being. Andthe central bank well the U.S. obvioulsy has a central bank, most all nations that aren't third world countries do, I'm pretty sure it's in our constitution and probably many other constitutions.

    And I don't mean America as a whole growing weed and exporting it, just a large group of dedicated people who want to see a change, if the Reps are the only ones who come into contact with the government and things are conducted in a secretive fashion in said group, it would be pretty hard to build a case against this coalition, sorry went off on another tangent there.

    If I recall correctly you have to be at least 25 to be in the Senate and either 30 or 35 to be in the House. So for the most part our generation is not represented in either house of Congress, before the evolution of the internet people usually believed what the government told them about marijuana, so in essence we have a bunch of mis-informed people in Congress, because as we all know the government lied about virtually every scientific study done on marijuana for their benefit. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that during my childrens generation weed will be legalized because there will representation of the informed in the government, and things will be different.
  4. The 10th Amendment is the only thing holding back marijuana decriminalization, according to the supreme court.
  5. So your saying that as the law stands now which allows states to hold a vote on decriminalization, if the government had this power weed would be decrim? A states representatives is supposed to embody what the citizens in that state want, are you farmiliar with maroritarian rule? It states that sometimes when reps are under direct contact with their representees, they will start to look out for the wants and needs of these representees, and they will act on these preferences. Right now I have so much going on that I'm thinking about I don't even know if I made any sense I don't even know if I agreed with you or disagreed. And I have no time to reread this I gotta go to work, but I'll be back later to continue the discussion.
  6. If you read the fine print, I think the second paragraph of the ammendment it says something or other that the federal government is allowed to ban the transaction of any good if they want. The federal government wants to ban marijuana, so they are allowed to ban it's sale and possession not it's use. That is why you cannot be arrested in your own home if you are high and have no marijuana on hand.

    It is a catch 22 that the founders put in that law.
  7. No cooperation, no class collaboration. We have to seize the government, exproriate the major industries, and legalize it ourselves.
  8. Why not just seize and limit the power of government, and let the exploitative corporations wither away and die?

    Without DC the corporate cronies have no power over consumers.
  9. Consumers? What about the workers?
  10. Labor will match demand. The disproportionate incomes today are a result of the state monopolies over finance, other than that our workers have rights established by the free market through unionization.
  11. State tyrannies in recent history have been less oppressive as corporate tyrannies, the state has gone a long way to give rights to workers, so much so we cannot compete with countries like China and India at all because there workers will do exceedingly more with much less.

    India is becoming America and China is becoming old Soviet Union so to speak, so much so that we are dropping off the world stage so to speak. Morale of the story, if you want to make money in the next lets say 10-20 years invest into China and India, I did this 6 years ago with a Oil company that was worth 1.23 a share which is now worth last time I checked 33 dollars+ and it is only rising. In the next 20 years you are going to see a big drop in the US stock market worth overall, we are going to have a much smaller market.

  12. i think it will take A LOT of positive media coverage and a new generation of people in congress to get it legalized
  13. I think a psychological satire campaign would be our best bet.

    Basically, take prohibitionist talking points and push them to their logical conclusions, in a way that should scare a lot of people.

    "Help clean up our streets, support capital punishment for all drug offenders!"

    "It's not your choice, it's OUR decision!"
  14. Was that oil company Continental Resources? I was going to invest in them right before I suddenly had a very small sum of money in my account.
  15. The company I speak of has gone under many name changes in the past 6 years, that is all I will say.
  16. Watch this:

    That is irrefutable proof that Cannabis can cure cancer. I believe that is the only way to make people realize that Cannabis is a devine plant that should be free to all.

    Spread this video, show it to everyone you know and show them this article as well:

    Start spreading the news, the sooner the better.
  17. Become realistic about it. We need to gather more attention to the subject of legalization. It is very doubtful that our current Congress would vote for the legalization of marijuana unless they were lobbied hard and Obama put a lot of effort into it. That won't likely happen. National decriminalization is more likely than legalization at this point. Obama will not sign an executive order to legalize marijuana. We have to work for states rights before we can think about a national level because if there is success on the state levels it will garner more support nationally.
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    Denk du nichts das der video gute was ?
    Sprechen sie Dänisch ? German sucks so hard. :D

    But more seriously. I think that the SETH video can be used to spread the word. More people should know about it.

  19. I know about the other thread that closed. I choose to stay neutral about it right now. If it's true then more research should be put into it. Hopefully Obama will allow it.

    Und nein nicht Danisch sondern Deutsch.
  20. If you have seen the SETH video, you should know that it obviously is true. They are an official research group that conducts scientific studies on the chemical compounds of Cannabis, starting with THC.

    Ah. Okay. Das was nichts gut. Ich bin Danisch, und ich kann eine kleine Deutsch sprechen. ABER DU KANST NICHTS DANISCH SPREHCEN ? WAS WAS DAS ? DU LEBST JETZ SÃœD VON MIR! :D

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