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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Digit, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. hows about...

    we all stop preaching to the converted... and collectively drag our asses to some right wing conservative republican anti cannabis forum and go to work on them?

    lets set a date, find a place, and make it a regular grasscity excurssion.

    (and please... no references to the special olympics, i realise we probably wont convert them or open their minds to the reality of truth and lies, but its got to be worht the effort right?)
  2. pick the time, date, and place
  3. Will there be punch and pie?
  4. :¬\ ... punch and pie.
  5. that sounds like a good idea to me i'm in!
  6. Telling people that already agree with us is like telling keebler that you like his cookies...

    We need to tell the world!!!!!!! If we only change a few minds today and a few more tommorrow then we have made progress...

    I have changed 20 peoples mind in the last year... I am only one person.... Just think if all the people at the city did this once a year... It wouldn't take long to have the majority..

    One problem though............... You can change peoples minds..........but that doesn't mean they will vote our way when time comes..
  7. I think we need to think more deeply and have way more protests and do more things like that. Because I mean if you have a million people in Washington Demanding it, people writing real letters and not emails. Why also need a way to roadside test for THC. Also we need to persuade people about the positive effects on society and how much money we would save if we stop this!
  8. "and the truth shall set ye free"..........we need the truth, lots of it......lots of figures, and lots of independent polls and reviews........things that we can argue with and have something to back it up................Peace out..........Sid

    well what have you's all got hiding in a corner of your pc's?........quotes by influential people, and facts on mj.........
  9. *bangs his head to Redfine by Incubus*

    well, now that the punch and pie is settled let's get down to businiess!

    -hippies need to come back in fashion.

    -protests! with banners and flags and slogans :D and a big crowd sized fatty :)

    -well informed and presented adverts spreading the word.

    -did i say how we need punch and pie? WE MUSN'T FORGET THE PUNCH AND PIE!!

    -and lastly, we might need johnny cochran(sp?)

    i'll bring more constructive ideas when i feel less hyper!

    *runs away*
  10. I'm gone from grasscity for 2 days and it has more biult to it. Any way. Isn't it like if all the people in congrass say "yes lets make grass legalized." and everybody agreays and the president says "no" then it would stay the same. //Its hard as fuck to put this into fucking words. fuck dislexia.// anyway. we could try to rebel against the goverment to make pot legal. but we would get pelted by rubber bullets and tear gas. but I'll go with any idea that comes up that sounds good. Wheres the punch?
  11. We don't need punch to spread the word! Our salvation will not be cookies!

    We need real results, which means real effort. And believe me, no matter how hard you try you're not going to convince some people, spreading the truth about pot to a bunch of conservatives will only have them calling you a welfare baby and a socialist (whether that's true or not doesn't matter). They will not listen.

    What we need to do is go places where freedom of thinking is encouraged but haven't seen the light of the ganj. Forums for independants or libertarians (the good kind) for example.

    I'll come back some time with a list of such places, I know they're around and if we're clear and classy we'll get our point across.

    viva la revolution!
  12. I dont think we could ever change the laws on cannabis unless
    we can find ways to make it profitalbe for the goverment like a pot smoking tax or somthing like that. They are all to bent on money they cant see the light and never will.
    look at the netherlands what a great place not much crime do they even have an army.
    and there wealth is great.
    Its all about money they know the benifits they just need to see the profits the $$$$$
  13. I say we bake a truck load of MJ brownies and send it to the Senate, House of Reps, Congress, and the White House... Followed by 100 more truck loads.. Then after a week of them eating the brownies.............all of us stoners go to the White house and ask if they were any good... Maybe they will see how innosent a little weed is!!!!!!

  14. i'm waiting patiently.

    ps. like the ideas.

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