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    NEW LINKS!  :hello: 
    Hey everyone, 
    So i've come to the point where I want to start growing. I live in my own apartment and would like to have a single grow tent, and later on expand into a perpetual grow if needed ;)
    Here is what Im thinking so far in the different fields necessary for a grow 
    Soil - Using organic growing soil with casting worms and some fertilizer 
    Grow tent -

    Hood/Ballast/light -



    Fan/Filter -
     fan -
    with/ controller -
    *controller is externally fused :) :)

    somewhere around 500$.. can I beat these prices? 
    Also, where do you guys get seeds?

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  3. Honestly man those look like good prices but honestly what brands are they? just make sure your not rebuying equipment every grow is all. As for numbers? depends on how you prune i would think, im planning on 6 for my 4x4x8 tent. Good luck man.
    Definitely agree, but what are good brands? I want to do this right the first time around
  5. damn, well you dont have to use name brands. im sure people have their faves. my advice, visit your local hydro store do some shopping; ask questions. just dont cheat yourself. honestly though i couldnt give you too many brand names. And again just being honest all those products wll probably work and save you money. internet buys weird me out sometimes if i cant actually see it and and read specs and stuff.
  6. Do my electrical components look like they will work? I have a mh and hps light input
  7. Also, Looking at other setups this is how my ventilation should be : fans ---> cool tube ---> carbon filter.  So, you pull air through filter past the light and out the exhaust and you also have a similiar sized passive vent hole to allow new fresh air to be pulled in with all the goodies :)
  8. Good products come with better warranty. Stores are a plus but if no access online products work with trusted sites. I have learned painfully that early moneys spent, equals positive end results! Solidify your basics and rock on.
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    Hey guys, 

    So now I need some help.  Im worried about pulling to many amps from my outlet(s) in my room. I have 3 outlets, all 120volts ac ( i believe). How many amps will the ballast and fan that I listed above pull at max setting? (expecting the worst) How many total amps are available with 3 outlets of 120v ac?
    For the sake of the KISS method lets say Im going strictly with the 600 watt setup in a 36x36x72 inch^3 grow tent.. what size inline fan would I need?
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    I got my tent from the same Ebay seller.
    I would call the tent very good, but maybe not great.  It's perfect for my use, but I was not looking for perfection.  With the lights on in the tent, and inside a dark room, you can see some pinhole lights from a couple of seems.  Not sure it that is expected, but it is an easy DIY fix.  Very economical tent.
    Being experienced with tents. camping, not growing  :) the zippers are good.
  11. all that looks good minus the filter...get a phresh or can...and you'll want some zipper wax for that tent the cheap zippers suck...I run that same fan and a 1000w on a 15 amp just fine
  12. Okay, so Im either working with 15 amps or 20 amps. Looked at my breaker, but nothing was listed. I might test and see which lights are on which circuit. But, @tinTizzy; so you have the larger ballast and same fan and it runs just fine. Anything else on the same circuit?  Also, how did you power your inline? Is it a 3 prong plug?
    Thanks for any and all help!
    Also, how loud do you feel the fan is? What size fan would I need for a 3'x3'x6' ft^3 tent and 600watt ballast, also 2-4 plants
  14. Certainly helps pull in fresh air.. growing rule #2 :p cant wait till I start. I'm waiting to get the money together. But, I need to look up scrog and the other method for a bigger yield. And any help with an easy organic soil? I keep seeing worm castings, and like peat moss or perlite/vericulite, and natural potting soil... what I dont understand measurements like 5 parts this, and 3 parts that.. 
    Also, will a 600watt metal hallide due well in starting a seedling off of? 
    And, for inline fan im going to go 6" especially if I have a speed control. 
    could use your advice on my last post!! haha  :bongin:
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    Speaking of fresh air.. since ill be combating high electric bill with added power consumption, how would you guys bring in fresh air? I dont really have a good solution but to crack my window for a few hours, and then close it, or leave it partially open all night. 
    Also, Im limited by lack of tools. I can pick anything up, but I'd like to keep this all as manual as possible ( within reason).
    Yea I also have another 6" for my veg tent turned down, a 1 amp t5, a big fan and 2 little fans on it..probably pushing 12 amps..I have a heavy duty isobar the main tent stuff is plugged into and will trip if i go over that at all...yea the inlines.. all have 3 prong plugs..they are pretty loud but I have a duct muffler and a speed controller to turn it down so that helps..just sounds like a small hum from outside the room with those hooked to for what size fan you could get away with im really not sure if a 4" would cool and pull though the filter with enough cfm...also the more ducting you have the more it reduces the cfm also...might want to do a 6" and use a speed controller o turn it down
    You can buy 2 CF of Espoma Organic soil from Amazon for ~$20.
    You will probably want to add more perlite.  It does have a few small stems, and I have had a couple mystery plant sprouts start in mine.  :confused_2:
    Do you guys have any reading material for topping and fimming? Also, any good scrog reads or videos?

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