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Ideas About Space?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bowlz, May 20, 2010.

  1. Ok. So me and a cupple friends had this theory about space that doesnt really make sense unless your stoned. So here it is.

    Every universe is a small crystal from weed. So we are smoking a bunch of little universes when we do a bowl. Therefor you are smoking all of the people. So that means the Mental, Kids, Grown ups, Smart People. Also everyones hungry and lots are tired. This is why we are Smart But Stupid Hungry And Tired When We Smoke Weed

    Don't Make Fun Of Our Theory To Bad Just Thought Id Tell Everyone :smoke:
  2. How do you know what the people are like in those "universes" you speak of? How do you know that they are smart? How are you sure that they are even "people"?


  3. Take a science class.
  4. Just because it sounds like a great idea stoned doesn't mean it is.
  5. This about sums up for me. :smoke:
  6. OP, are you talking about some kind of Microcosm??
  7. Please don't take any offense to this, but that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Haha.
  8. You just blew my fucken mind. :smoking:
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    Technically, and a valid argument is that there is no sound in space, and therefore, there could not have been a big bang.

    For those who don't know, sound require molecules to travel. Because molecules didn't exist like everything else until after the big bang, sound was unable to travel so therefore no bang was possible.
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    Really I see the universe and my life as an illusion. Like nothing really matters if you think about it if someone dies;someone else is born right away anyways, and they are soon forgotten. You have one life once you die you die you know what it feels like nothing you know why because before you know it it will come. before you know it 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Years will have passed and nothing will matter not what we did yesterday not what we did today nor what we did in the last 10000 years. The only way it will matter is if we forget the useless energy in our society such as fighting,hate,Religion,stupid laws such as the drug war and put our energy into finding real answers and technology that will keep us alive forever. How are you gonna say we are more important than another creature even tho we are the dominating animals of our time period it wont matter because in another maybe lets say 1 million years there will be a completely different thing going on New animals,new stuff,new problems, anyways you get the point. IDK about you guys but shit like this is scary because you will never know what will happen. The truth is people are scared that's mainly why I think people make up religion and such to find an answer and to have someone to fall back on, a support system you can i guess call it. :wave: Have Fun GC in your life your gonna need it or wait its not even gonna matter.We are organisms we are part of the Universe and as everything there is in the universe it all comes to an end just think about it it's logical common sense and its only human error when we do not see the truth and lie to ourselves. Also Time Travel I think is either impossible or a really good theory on how powerful our mind really is. If time travel could happen wouldn't society be filled with billions of people from the future either that or they go to a Make-Up world that is a representation of our world just so things don't get out of balance. Call me crazy or not I dont really care but anyways thats my 2 cents. - RWK Nova

  11. Actually if you look at the red shift of Quasars then it disproves the big bang theory.
  12. i believe our world is just like looking into a high powered microscope at molecules and stuff. in my high school chemistry class we looked through microscopes and it just reminded me of space.

    soo... our universe is probably just at a tip of a much greater being's pencil. u just need a microscope to see us.

    thats just wat i think
  13. don't take a science class dude, I think you can figure this one out

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