Ideal time to LST?

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  1. I have a one plant micro-grow going right now (Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Auto) and am planning to LST, but am wondering when the ideal time to start is? She's currently 13 days old (counting from date of pre-germination) and growing in a 200ml (6.7oz) solo cup. She already has pre-flowers developing and if you hold her to your nose she smells amazing.
    Should I pot up before I start LST, or can I go ahead and start LST right now? I am still waiting on my soil mix to cook up a bit before potting up into her final home (1 gallon fabric pot).

  2. Don't bother LSTing an auto, just let it do its thing.
  3. I'm currently LST'ing my autoflower and many people do it with great results. I would however start LST in the biggest pot, you don't want to let it get root-bound either or it may go right into flower. It's best to start in the biggest pot with  a auto.
    My auto is growing about 7 shoots right now at day 25 it's starting to pre-flower and will burst  a bit for this week and will flower and grow gradually.
    Good Luck!
    Interesting you say this because she popped WITH true leaves. Was a surprise to me b/c nothing I have ever grown has done this. Is this normal for canna?
    Is there any specific reason for this? From a quick search it seems quite a few people still recommend it. I do need to keep height down to a minimum, probably no taller than one foot. So I am thinking LST or smaller pot.
    Do you a have a link to your grow so I can have a look?
  7. With autos there isn't enough recovery time for LST, you'll end up with several half ass colas instead of one good one.
  8. I Agree with this post.
    I wanna add somethin. Autos flower as soon as the taproot hits the bottom of the bucket.

    Make sure you dont leave them in a small cup too long.
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    There is pretty much virtually no stress to a plant with LST if you do it correctly, you are simply training that particular branch in a certain direction to receive more sunlight, something as simple as an elastic band wrapped around the pot and string holding down certain branches to limit height....
    Its all genetic really though, for example some plants respond well to topping and fimming while some don't. Same applies for virtually every training technique, but for the most part there is little to no stress, hence the name "Low Stress Training" or LST for short. Although auto's are gonna flower shortly I'm sure it could benefit the right pheno

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    How would you personally manage height if it was an absolute requirement w/o LSTing?

    Thanks, and yeh I'll keep an eye out for that update.
    Good things to know guys, thanks.
  12. Theres lots of hate for LST'ing auto's but most people sharing there input don't have experience running autos.
  13. Brighter lights = Less stretch but in the future use photo plants for your micro grows, then you can throw clones right into 12/12 and have them flowered by 16in.

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