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ideal strain for sea of green?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by alexakis, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. do you have any oppinions about the ideal strain for sea of green?best height/yield?
  2. Any Bigbud Indica dom strain, Veg for 4-5 days if using clones then go 12/12, shouldnt reach more than a foot is sufficient lighting, I do 36 of these in a SOG under a 600w or 1kw HPS and get excellent results, Will be doing another soon.

    side note, Coco (Canna) is the way forward :hello:
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    ...I've been growing Sensi Seeds, Big Bud fem. for a couple years now SOG...check out my journal in my sig for lots of pics. I was getting about 3/4 pound per 600 watt light....I'm using co2 now, and hopes for 1 lb per light. POST #8 is all Big Bud. Post #44 is a mix of Trainwreck and Big Bud.
    ...trainwreck is also a good strain I've found, even though it has alot of sativa.
  4. my question is this:is it better to grow big plants or small in the same space?my grow space is big about a 100 sq.meters
  5. ....IMO,the best way to get most yield per light with a limited space is smaller plants, SOG.
    You'll ofcourse get more bud if you grow minitrees, but...minitrees takes alot of space and alot of lights. Most people I see growing minitrees hang their lights vertically, and at midplant level. When you grow with horziontally positioned bulbs, your light only penatrates your garden so deep. Minitrees need side light...smaller plants , SOG, is the only way to get the most yield from one light, (I have no experience on vertical growing so I can't give you an opinion on that, but...alot of people say vertical position bulbs produce more lumens, and is the most efficant way to use your bulb...IDK.)

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