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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bubonicplague, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. What does the perfect seed look like?

    Is it green in color and meaty?

    Or is it brownish

    thanks :smoke:

    -- the bubonic plague
  2. oh their is a few ways to tell if you have a good seed. the way i use is put it between you thumb and index fingure and roll it around. try and break it. put pressure on it. if it doesnt break it is usually good. 2. you can drop a few seend in a glass of water the ones that sink are good the ones that dont are bad. it can take a few min to sick to a day or so. but i have never used that way. a good seed is usually drak brown even blackish color. hope this helps
  3. Good seeds are hard, dark brown, speckled with tan. Drop them into a cup of water from 6" and the good ones should immediately shoot up to the top, the sluggish ones are normally not viable. Allow them to sit 24 to 36 hours in a dark place, the good seeds will have floated to the bottom.
  4. thanks guys

    i was also wondering if there was any way besides the paper towel method to germinate seeds?

    -- the bubonic plauge
  5. Im pretty stoned, and AAck just really screwed me up.Wouldnt it be sink to the bottom.Or is that float to the ...awww confuzzled..

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