ideal ppm in runoff from soil

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  1. I have a sativa dom. that's one month into flowering and doing great considering some recent stress (retard ripped off the main cola!). Otherwise, big, fat buds on about a dozen heads lookin' sugary. Question is: What is the ideal PPM? The runoff water shows 308. I have her in soil, in a clay, 20 gallon'ish pot that drains quite well. It's hot as hell here but my meter is auto adjusting for temp.
  2. What do you guys have for an ideal ppm in your organicly fertilized potted soil grows?
    In the fert. water and in the run off.
  3. Your PPM of your runoff should be about what it was going into the plant.

    With soil I rarely check the PPM of the runoff. If I suspect salt buildup I will check it to see if the runoff goes up significantly. This would indicate a buildup of salts in the soil.

    However, I run fresh water through my potted plants most of the time. Reason being - They are moms and watering with no added nutrients stalls their growth as compared to watering with a dose of nutrients.

    The PH of my runoff i try to keep between 6.5 - 6.9 .. around 6.7

    I rarely have ever had ph or salt buildup issues in soil.

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