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ideal for parties

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allnaturalxx420, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. ok so I haven't been on this website for a while but ive been smoking for years. im picking up an ounce of high mids for $180 tomorrow and have a good sized party on Saturday to go to. so what I wanna know is what would be easiest to use while drunk, I own 2 bowls, one with carb one without, a steam roller, bong and will be picking up papers as well. I feel like a bong/steamroller would be hard to handle while drunk and in the dark. I probably wont be able to roll blunts/joints while drunk either. and I really don't want some hammered person to drop my glass thinking my acrylic bowl (no carb) would be the best. so what would you prefer?

  2. Im thinking while your sober or before pre-roll some joints and blunts. Then dont bring your nice bowl but the other one keep that for like personal use. Im sure not matter how wasted you are you can find someone else capable of rolling. Def not the bong or steamroller
  3. Bring the bowl. Quick tokes on the go

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  4. Cannabutter popcorn if you can get it ready in time, excellent for parties. 
  5. 180 for high mids? Wtf
  6. thanks man prerolling sounds like my best bet. but youd be surprised by how little the art of rolling is used at least around here. I know of maybe 5 people who can actually roll ill just have to sit down and roll a bunch
  7.  high in good mid grade weed just below dank
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    It's all relative. Prices generally vary depending on location.
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    That's where usps, UPS, DHL, and fed x, and road tr help out.... location doesn't matter. It's who you know.
    Just use the bowl with a carb. Easier, and less expensive if it breaks. I would never bring my bongs to another person's party.
  10. I know it varies but damn 180? I pay 80 for great mids.
  11. I'd suggest not trusting drunkards with your glass.
  12. There is generally a standard price even though there are always cheaper ways to aquire it. At least, the places I've lived. I just don't understand how people are so surprised that people pay more than what they get it for. Location can basically double the standard price if not more.
  13. that equals about $6.5 a gram that's cheap for being in northern ny
    Ouch! NY is expensive. I took a vacation there a few years back, and didn't bring enough bud with me. I spent $500 for an ounce :eek:
  15. man im jealous the best ive ever seen around here was 70 and that was shake
  16. Pre roll the joints and put them in an empty cig packet or something..someone will probably steal or break your pieces..
    I know man, and I agree. That's why I mentioned delivery services. All you gotta do is know someone from somewhere else.
  18. my buddy had it shipped from cali but the guy new ny was way overpriced so he charged $250 an ounce still cheap for medical in ny but im sure he got it for around 150
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    This is good advice. I always pre-roll blunts before a party and I never take bowls or anthing like that to never know what kinda assholes gonna take it, and then they got an excuse of my bad....I was drunk lol. I wouldnt wanna deal w any of that drama and buzzkill, cuz ive seen it plenty of times. Also then you have no drug para on you later and wont lose nuthin when your drunk :smoke:
    Im sure sombody else will have a bowl at that party, then you can match them on a bowl or somthin. Try to get somebody to match w you so your not jus smokin your stuff......cuz if people think you got a ton of bud, n your smokin everybody out.....I doubt they are gonna share any of theres, especially if there broke asses lol jus sayin

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