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Ideal conditions

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by StGabriel, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Temp and humidity and all that other jazz? How effective is it to introduce nitrogen into the air? also how can I add or take out humidity? I'm more interested in adding some.. I think..

    This is gonna sound fucking dumb but what is the grow cycle for the light??

    16/8 right? 16 light 8 dark.
  2. Oh and what is a typical grow rate per week.. I dont need an exact number an about number would do..
  3. Give me your seeds and I'll do the grow for you. :rolleyes:
  4. read, study,, do research.:rolleyes: if you dont like reading watch utube for grow vids. then when you start that first grow you wont kill everything.:D
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    As you can see everyones a douche here.. even me.. i dont blame us, You need to do some research bro..i did, so why cant you?? but then again i think to myself, i shouldnt be treating you like my kid and making you wanna learn, and what not.. I think if you choose to respond to posts it should be to help, but not dumb little comments, or in my case ill give outlandish info(did that recently and some low life moderator got ass hurt) but fuck them and fuck the site.. besides a select few on here that truly wanna help, most are on here to flex nuts on the subject..


    Temp should be comfortable for you, and your plants will be ok.. if you have dough and the right set up and can control it, you should keep temps at 75-78f.. humidity should be at 40% i believe. double check that.. dont wanna get up to check my notes. You can lower humidity by adding fans and making the room dryer.. add humidity by makin the room a little warmer and not so many fans going off.. I use a dish of water and let it chill in the grow room. i refill it once its all evaporated.. if you have money again, you can buy certain things that will do it for you on some precise shit.. but you dont really need it, unless you a fancy character yourself..

    light cycle is 24 or 16/8 for veg.. i do 24 cause i dont have timers.. so its easier and it dosent cost that much more.. well depends on your area..

    12/12 for flowering..

    hope it helped..

    Brother if that's really how you feel no one's keeping you here, and all posts like this do is cause drama. If you have an issue with a moderator's actions please PM ReformMaryJaneLaws. ~AK~
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    I can see why you're not very well liked here. Bashing and name-calling doesn't send good vibes.

    To the OP, you're questions have been asked and answered here.

    Also, nitrogen is taken in through the roots...so having it in the air is pointless and not good for your plants I would imagine.
  7. My plants are doing well on a 20/4 light schedule.

  8. Im here to give info and recieve it.. not to be loved.. so fuck you and your vibes.. :wave:

  9. Well u won't be here doing that for long unless you can show your fellow stoner some respect.

  10. What sucks is that ive never spoken to you or even read a post by you.. and this is the way, i have to introduce myself...But Bro, There was one post after this.. And now this.. Seems like you dudes are the ones with the drama.. 90% of my posts are to help..check it yourself. I made one, yes ONE, fuckin "smart ass" post... and i get jumped on... So how can you blame me for talkin shit? you guys fail to read the whole message, and have selective hearing(reading) just like women.. Warn me all you want bro, downgrade my rep all you want.. shit like that dosent matter to me. its a FUCKIN INTERNET SITE!!! theres alot more sites like you guys. No one is keeping me here, youre right. but dont flatter yourselves either, cause im not coming here cause of you moderators and the info you guys give, (only talked to one moderator on a cool calm level, since ive registered)... You guys arent doing me any huge favors, so get off your high horse bro.. you guys act like cops, with a little bit of power.. I dont need to sign in to peep the threads..so all these warnings and disciplinary actions are useless.. Anyway, im not trying to argue keep me on the site, boot me. ban me, i can careless.. I apologized for givin wrong info.. but im not gonna apologize for speaking my mind, and making an indirect comment about one of your moderator pals.. Do what you will- like the great Smokey once said 'I Dooont Give A Fuuck". =) have a great day guy.

    And to Freedom fighter.. Before you run your mouth, check my other posts and dont fuckin judge by one... I would think you would know better with all the green bars above your name.. Dont get hyped up cause two of your homies are getting on me, followers like you dont get respect..

    By the way AK you could have avoided all this "Drama" if your inbox was clear =)

  11. Actually, you've made three just in this thread.

    Are you talking to me? Why should I check your other posts? I manage to talk to others here with respect, you seem unable to do the same, I am unlikely to seek out further evidence of your inability to articulate yourself without being rude.

    And don't blame a full inbox on not being able to keep this out of the open forums, there's more than one mod that you could have contacted.
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    From what I read and been told is that right around 77 degrees is ideal growing temp with some leeway, but you dont want it to hot or cold, humidity around 40% with some leeway, as for light cycle that for some is a personal preference with many different reasons, I just go with the 18/6 light cycle for veg cycle. I`m still learning as well and dont know anything about introducing nitrogen into the air. To much humidity can cause problems like mold, there are things that you can get to add or remove humidity. I got a cheap $7.00 digital clock with temp/humity and hang it from the ceiling level with the top of the plants off to the side. If you subscribe to Netflix or Blockbuster online rent Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow Dvd`s, I found them quite informative but it still comes down to a learn as you go process even after asking questions.

  13. :hello:
  14. Danny, you're just calling it like it is man, not everyone is going to get their panties in a bunch :) It's not his fault the atmosphere here is so narcissistic. I have had some great experiences with 90% of the posters but there is always someone who acts a troll. These are the kind of people who think their post count or car they drive affords them some kind of status, that because they have more that makes them better.

    Anyhoo... I've found that keeping temperatures mostly constant is very beneficial to my plants. I try to keep my high temp below 78 and my low temp above 68. I've found since moving out of a 40cuft tent and into a 960cuft bedroom has made managing temperature a breeze even with the same 180cfm exhaust fan. The less space you have the more temperamental it is going to be.

    Humidity I find to be less important than temperature, or rather, you have a larger acceptable range. Anything from 30% to 60% is going to be fine for MJ. I don't want to seem like I am ignoring the mold issues, which are especially important to avoid during flowering, so I personally try to keep my humidity between 30% and 50% and as close to 40% as possible. Mold will thrive in 50% and up, but if you can get below 40% RH then the mold risk drops considerably (according to my Hydro shop guy and my own personal experiences).

    African Landrace strains are more attuned to slightly warmer temperatures, while indicas will thrive in cooler temperatures. Aim for 74 degrees and 40% humidity and you shouldn't have any problems so long as you don't deviate too far from that goal.
  15. Even after watering my humidity is still in the low 30`s to a little under 40% so thats a good range to stick with? I dont use anything to specificly controll the humity however if the grow room starts to get about 81 degrees I turn on the AC thats in the enclosed patio on its lowest cooling setting and noticed that if the humdity is in the high 30`s it will drop it down to the low 30`s.
  16. You are on the lower end of what you should be aiming for but that is probably okay. Just make sure your plants have enough potassium and water to assist in increased transpiration. The AC is going to remove water from the air, and if I were you I wouldn't go lower that 30%.

    I think you are good though. Don't have to worry about mold much :)
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    Your humidity is just fine brohan. 80 degrees could be considered a bit hot for vegging plants...although that is PERFECT for flowering plants...my veggers I try to keep around 76-78ish my flowering laddies I try to keep between 80-83. I've read that for humidity during the vegging stage can be as high as 50-60%. Flowering though you want low 30's ish.

    For your first grow, this sounds like your first grow I wouldn't worry about messin too terribly much with the atmosphere. Focus more on taking care of your plants. But I'm also not sayin let it go and what not. During my first grow, I tried to focus more on keeping the plants in good shape, I still kept the atmosphere 'acceptable' though. But different plants can accept different types of heat humidity nutes etc..
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    Right now its been a little cooler out so havent had to run the AC hardly at all for most of the day, right now its 79 degrees in the grow room with 40% humidity. Heres some pics taken just a few minutes ago, a little over 2 months old I think. Started out with 10 plants but had to cut down 3 plants yesterday that my nephew and I determined to be males and one more were not sure about yet, to early to tell so sfar we got 6 confirmed femals out of 10 started from seeds.

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    Nice good job dood! I think as of your atmospheric readings you're all good brotha! The laddies look healthy and lively as well.

    Life's a garden dig it.

    I find it funny that people that "dont'" care about rep and post count always bring it up just before they get banned. Yet people who have rep and post count...never talk about it :confused_2: So I don't know who is the one who cares the most here. I also don't know what that has to do with anything other than it's there.

    Since you said you'd still be lurking around, this is your reply to the pm you sent me....I'm sorry if you think I'm some gangster guy thing, I'm not. Just because I enjoy 'hip-hop' that I like to listen to does not put me under the classification of G and I prefer not to be addressed as such. In fact the hip-hop I listen to is anything but gangster. I also don't graffiti write or do I even condone that but at the same time I don't judge those who do, it's your life. I also don't LOVE BMW's I like them sure, but I like old school ones, probably the kind you don't. So in all and all I'm not some backpacking hip hop freestyler underground guy man thing. I'm just some guy, I don't walk the path you speak of...I walk my own path, and that is respectable enough for me.

    I apologize for putting this in your thread tplat...Dude, got banned before I got his pm...again..sorrry
  20. 2 ALL OF U DIS IS NOT ABOUT DANNY!!!! I HATE OFF TOPIC SHIT!!!!! NOW BACK 2 DA NOVICE ..................... I dont no what planet ur on coz growing weed is serious business AND ITS NOT 4 BITCHES LIKE U WHO DONT KNOW SHIT! 1st u cant ask ppl what is the correct light cycle if we dont now what strain ur growin. I dont no if u no (I THINK U DONT) but weed originally grew in different parts of the world, then man invented california canada and holland and crazy SORRY breakthrough stuff happened like u no SKUNK NO.1 the discovery of HPS MH actually being able to to carry a plant from seed to fHARVEST etc etc etc.... So u c growin weed is more then just soil water and lights. It 2 great men like Dr.Hornby, da joint DR, MR Cheese etc etc 2 bring u great strains DAT took years 2 produce 4 us the consumers! THE FARMERS 2 enjoy and compete to see who is the best GANJA FARMER with the aid of places like GRASSCITY WE THE GREAT GANJA FARMERS can swap ideas and c if there is a technique outhere that can bring us fatter FUCKING BUDS!! AND HELP THOSE WHO ARE NEW BUT HAVE ATLEAST THE BASIC NO HOW OF GROWING GREEN. 2nd Nitrogen is flammable now y would u want to introduce that to the air? Mybe to burn ur house down and kill ur family and make us all look bad?

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