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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Hey City,

    So I was just thinking about how terrible your cable TV actually is. Infact I would cal it a rip off.

    How it works around here- there are 3 packages you can buy:
    -The first is basic cable (channels 2-25 or so) $25
    -The second is extended basic (channels 2-80) $40
    -or Digital (channels 1-800) $??

    I would be perfectly happy with basic cable- if there were more than 3 or 4 good channels (and there were not 4 spanish channels included)

    Extended basic is a ripoff because you get a lot more channels but at lot of it is garbage.

    Same with digital.

    My ideal cable company would let ME pick what channels I would like, and pay say $1.25 each month per channel (or around that). So if you want 20 channels= $25, but they would be the channels YOU want. They would also let me add or remove channels monthly.

    I'm suprised they do not have this yet....

    Thoughts, ideas.....

    How do you feel about cable? Like I said I think its a big rip off.
  2. They do it this way to make more money. They don't care about they're customers at all. Cable companies are evil...
  3. i live in south jersey, comcast has a monolopy on this area. they're ripping me off though. i had to pay for a cable activation fee i had no idea about when they installed it. So i sent them off the bill and then the next bill says I owe 50 bucks in some bullshit activation fee. So I call them, explain there was nothing in writing or verbal regarding the activation fee but I eventually agreed to pay it anyway. Then this month's bill comes saying I owe $73 (23 dollars in interest from last month? for not paying the 50 dollar activation fee. I sent the fuckers the bill last month. I called them and explained it and they apologized, realizing they had in fact got my $50.

    I just feel bad for people that may be elderly or whatever or just plain damn oblivious...Comcast could continue (and does continue) to rip people off. I'm sure not a lot of people say stuff about stupid shit like that.
  4. I'm fine with all the extra bullshit channels on regular cable. there's plenty of ridiculous crap on there, and the spanish channels are crucial if you're a soccer fan. i wouldn't have gotten to see a single U-20 world cup match this year if it wasn't for galavision, telemundo, and gol!tv.

    What i'd like to see, much like you said, is an HD buffet. I don't care to have 3 local news HD channels that don't even feature HD programming half the time, I'm not very interested in the HD golf channel, but i DO want national geographic, hbo(just the HD one), and a fox sports that actually shows things. I'd gladly pay 2 bucks a channel for the hd stuff alone.

    And when the hell is the NFL network gonna go HD?

  5. I've got a buddy that cancelled his comcast the day he moved out of his old place, which was 6 months ago, and just last week he got a delinquency notice AT HIS NEW PLACE for 6 months of service AT HIS OLD APARTMENT!!! he kindly told them to fuck off, and they did.
  6. Im pissed at comcast for cuttin my NFL Network off a month before the season starts, assholes. I had it for like 8 months, and then they just cut it off, wtf?
  7. When we had digi cable we hated it, we've got DirecTV now and its the complete opposite.

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