idea to make money. would you pay for this?

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  1. I want to set up web cams with sound in every single room in my house. Living room, kitchen, my room, bathroom etc. Then set up a website where live streaming video is broadcast 24 hours a day (of course i could turn it off at certain times) And people can pay a cheap fee to tune in and watch me live out my daily life 24 hours a day. Most of the time people would see me smoking bong loads, and watching tv, sleeping, jerking off, taking a shower or taking a shit. but im sure they would also catch some freaky kinky shit i do. (I'm a very sexual person). If you think people would pay for this let me know thanks. I'm talking about making it affordable, between $10-$20 a month, and by the way, Im a 21 year old decent looking dude. females would probably have better luck with this one.
  2. lol u so desprit to make money......

    idk thats kinda weird with the jerkin it n shittin parttttt


    maybe some weirdos would pay to see that. iwudnt.
  3. ill pay you ten dollars not to do that
  4. Side-Bet: $75 this guy fails miserably. Any takers?
  5. Its actually a very clever idea, and has some potential if the ideas put in the right persons hand.
  6. Look how popular big brother is! Spend half of your start up on marketing and you'll be famous in 6 months!
  7. No, please.

    How stuck up are you, honestly? No one's going to PAY to watch what you do on their computer all day.
  8. ^^

    I won't pay you ten dollars but I'll back this guy.
  9. thats a recycled idea. celebrities and pornstars beat you to it. too bad its only a successful venture for celebrities and pornstars.
  10. Might as well go right to the meat of the idea and become a gay camwhore.
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    what did you swallow??

    youre either really fucked up or
    good luck with that...:rolleyes:
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    ^LMAO woah that one had me going
  13. i would pay $10 to watch you fail lol
  14. just do it then..there isn't that much overhead. prove everybody wrong. only YOU can[​IMG]
  15. ahahhahahah me too me too and we payed motherfucker so you better put it in the contract that even after you fail miserably and cry like a little baby girl you still have to keep the cameras up for us to enjoy your misery. lmao woah thats twisted. jk dude. but seriously, the contract.;)
  16. Sadly enough, yes some weirdo's out there would pay to watch that kind of stuff. And like some one else said, put into the right hands it would take off and make you a small fortune but it all comes down to advertisement. You'd be better off just jerking off for the cam and starting your own personal solo pron site.. I couldn't bring myself to do it personly, I like my privacy too much,, but hey more power to you for wanting to entertain the weirdos..
  17. yea. me personally. I'll stick to collecting copper for extra money. legally of course.
  18. Yeah I'll keep to building and fixing computers, and labor..
  19. This has been done before but it has to be several hot, often naked chicks for it to work. Nobody is going to pay to watch a stoner lay on his couch for six hours at a time :bongin:
  20. Six hours at a time? Dang man.:smoke:

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