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Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. What would make the best stoner CD ever?
    Id have to say.. Lateralus by tool
    any1 got their own opinion?
  2. How can you choose the best music for getting high to? I used to be able to say I had a favorite song, but I've heard so much music since I started smoking again, for me it'd be hard to say what CD or what song is my favorite.

    Lateralus is a good CD, but Aenima is a lot better in my opinion. Lateralus is no worse, but there's just something about Aenima.

    Pink Floyd is good too. I've spent countless hours listening to Dark Side of the Moon.

    Still can't say I have a favorite song or CD though. Just depends on what I feel like listening to.
  3. Honestly, if you havent listened to SUblime (40 ounces to freedom), your missing out on some great stoner music, so soulfull when your high
  4. 40oz to freedom.

    try this one out..slightly stoopid, everything you need.
    this needs one deserves a whirl :)
  5. Also Phish live, hard for me to listen to em straight, but when im stoned, its almost as good as sublime
  6. best stoner cd ever would be my siinging for 20 mins after a few bowls :p

    lol i made one, but i lost it
  7. it was, of corse, a real cd with real music.

    not me signing

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