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  1. this is my idea of a tattoo that i want to get this weekend. i want 2 doves holding a banner, kinda like that Akira guy in UFC

    except they'd be doves and holding a banner (in beaks, or by talons, what do u think?), and in the banner would read
    "requiescat in pace"
    requies aeterna"
    both mean rest in peace.
    underneath the banner in small font it would read "Zachary Finestone"

    and ytes it would be across my chest. how much would this run me? ($$)
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    dude please dont get the doves. i know like 3 different girls with the doves in the exact same spot as that dude. its overdone. nice quote though, but make sure you dont get a mistranslated phrase or else you may look stupid (believe me tons of people have mistranslated tattoos.)

    also isnt that the kid who died from neuroblastoma? (cancer)
  3. yeah, he was my nephew by like 3 months.
    and would just a banner be a good idea?
  4. Cost varies by artist and city, from my experience about 400$. And it might take a couple sessions depending on how much pain you can take and how fast the artist works.

    Get the doves kid. Don't listen to any one on GC ^ .YOU have to have this with YOU forever. Every single day of YOUR life, YOU will be looking at your piece. Why listen to what other people (especially randoms online) have to say about how "cool" your tat is or is not?

    I was nervous about almost each tat I got before hand. I love them all now. Don't regret any of them. Good luck:)
  5. Also, words don't make a very good tattoo.
  6. yeah i agree with the dude saying to get it if you really want it. i was just saying ive seen the same two doves with the same shoulder placement multiple times, but if the doves have a real symbolic meaning to you i say go for it
  7. words don't make good tats what do u mean?
  8. Aesthetically. Words don't look good on the human body.
  9. Thats so played out with the birds.. Take it from a tattoo artist (me). Get something original. On the topic, check out my work My Work - :smoke:
  10. I think they do :)
  11. In the picture those are swallow's not doves. And I think you're idea is stupid. Tribute tattoo's are cool and sentimental, but you have to be more original than that. Script tattoo's are nice but I think you should maybe get an image that symbolizes death or symbolizes your friend.

    And if you're gonna get you're chest done like that, I would save up at least $600 for it. Go to an artist and get a quote. Sternum is going to hurt like a bitch, trust me. With tattoos you really want to go to a good artist and not be cheap and go to somebody else just because they're cheaper. Remember you will have this on your body forever, so you don't want them to fuck up.

    I saw an episode of Locked Up where a guy had killed 2 people separately in the same day. He had a scroll tattoo that went from his chest down one arm. I don't remember what all it had as far as images are concerned but it said "Three Moms Cry... Three Sons Die." With his initials and the initials of his victims and the date of his crime.

  12. Well, you're not a tattoo artist.

  13. Yeah seriously. I HATE doing lettering. Its the worst! I'm not a typewriter I'm an artist! I'd much rather do a piece of art then waste needles on letters
  14. ok then what should I get? im not creative
  15. Use images that would remind you. Tell a respected artist a general idea and let them design something for you. It will turn out much better in the end.
  16. fuck what these kids are saying. get what YOU want. But let the artist tweak it a little, he will know what looks good and what wont. Dont be cheap, do some research, find the best in your area, and pay the extra money.
  17. Tattoo artists hate "tweaking" designs.

    99% of people who walk into a tattoo shop know dick about what will look good. It's just a matter of fact.

    A good tattoo artist will do exactly what we're doing. Steering you away from script and cliche imagery.
  18. tattoo artists love tweaking your ideas. you tell them your idea how you want it and usually its not going to look right, so he tells you what he thinks will look better if he moves it here, or changes this, or twists that this way. if you both are happy thats when you get the tattoo.

  19. An idea is not a design.

    If you meant that, you should've said so in the first place.
  20. I mean.... last time I checked it wasnt about what the tattoo artist likes to do.

    I dont get how people say letters dont look natural on a human body. Its a fucking tattoo, none of them look natural....

    Just my $0.02

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