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  1. I live right outside of Richmond, Virginia and was driving through the city one day when I noticed an old abandoned building. It was a two story factory with a worker's shed attached to the side; the factory was about 25,000 sq. ft in surface area. The best part is, it's right across the road from the Richmond City Jail!!! I know the whole 'weed' thing might be a problem, but I really think it would be a great DIY project. The only problem is that I don't have the money to fund it. I would need several thousand dollars to do it and that is why I am making this thread. I need all the fellow blades to pitch in and throw their two cents my way (both literally and figuratively). Here are a few pictures of the building and a donate button to help get things started. I see this being a 'zion' movement in the works. Wish me the best of luck. :smoke:

    PS: Couldn't get the donate button to work. Ideas and promises should do the trick for now. As of today, I'm going downtown to check it out and I'll be back with some more pictures and cool stuff. Thanks to anyone who is interested. ​

  2. fail on so many levels, i cant even believe this.
  3. What the fuck is a DYI project?
  4. So...what do you want to do with the building exactly? Stage it as a grow op? If so, that's not a smart idea, especially when it's right by a jail. Come on...
  5. So im gonna show grasscity where i live with some pics on google map, im gonna ask them to donate money to help me buy a piece of shit abandoned warehouse, to make an epic apartment complex that you want us to fund without a single detail about it. Sweet all stoners want to live in a rundown piece of shit across from jail. clever thread guy

    and a DIY prjct is do it yourself. Id like to see how long it takes u to renovate an industrial building by ur self
  6. The only thing that buidling has going for you is that it has the word seeds on it.

    goodluck all around. hah.
  7. I need to stop doing drugs because it sounds like you want to live next door to a jail....
  8. people with families, kids, wives, girlfriends, husbands, and people taking care of their old mother DONT want to live next to a prison, theres a reason this place is abandoned.
  9. A few thousand dollars to renovate a 25,000 sq ft building? You'd need a few thousand from a lot of people dude
  10. I've definitely driven by that building before.
  11. You might as well get this thought out of your head. A few thousand dollars? Think about it man. THINK ABOUT IT. Don't fantasize, THINK.
  12. How could that possibly ever be the most epic apartment complex .. ?
  13. You're smart OP. Too bad we're not gullible.
  14. this thread is so great. i try to have that mentality but thinking does get in the way haha. i mean dude this site would be a cool place to find 420 friendly roommates for an actual apartment but that place probably has way more space than you need or can afford, it doesnt have normal rooms and everything from the water to the foundation is unpredictable. it would be cool for a bunch of glassblowers to produce their own company of tubes or something. thats the only way i see it working
  15. Yeah, so that when you get picked up, processed and released, you don't even need to call someone for a ride. :laughing:
  16. I've heard more fucked concepts uttered by moist eyed stoners in the midst of a derailed train of thought... But I still find it awe inspiring that you could miscalculate on so many levels. I just hope that you have a very complex sense of dry humour.
  17. OP can you give us details or a reply? i think we should do it. this thread would be legenday. wed be living out the craziest stoned ramble on grasscity
  18. Lmao, a bit too high there, OP?

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